a journey toward non-traditional wedded bliss, with style

the allure of weddings March 9, 2008

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Why is that weddings inspire even the least traditional and girly of girls to spend hours scouring websites in search of chic centerpieces, or the ever so elusive non-princess dress? As an avid reader of blogs such as Offbeat Bride and The Unbride, I’ve struggled to justify my current hobby (fine, obsession) to a growing number of people; which leads me to this blog…an attempt not only to share inspiration with others, but to explore the many components of wedding planning that make it such an integral part of today’s culture.

To begin, I’ll give the simple answer I rely on most often. I believe that for anyone moderately interested in fashion, design, parties, details, planning, food, wine, and/or fun, a wedding offers infinite opportunities to indulge in all of these areas. All of these, coincidentally, are things that I love. Therefore, though my own wedding is still over a year away, I have already thoroughly enjoyed the planning process and am thrilled to share what little of I can of my journey with fellow brides-to-be.


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