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Nouveau Traditions March 11, 2008

As a fledgling bridal blogger, I’m still overwhelmed by the amount of new wedding traditions that seem to have become as much a part of the whole shindig as the “something old, something new” adage. Here is a random sampling of trends I’m intrigued by as options to modernize your wedding. More detailed posts on each to come!

  • Monograms – Used tastefully (read: sparingly) a monogram can really punch up your wedding stationary. I’m especially attracted to graphic simple designs like this invitation set from Wedding Paper Divas.
Monogram Invite
  • Boudoir Pictures – This is was by far my most eyebrow-raising discovery to date. After googling “B-Pics” like a total nerd (see #6 on Top Ten post) I was somewhat flabbergasted to realize that it is considered fairly standard for brides to pose for a risquĂ© photo shoot pre-wedding. The most often stated reason for this trend is that it makes a sexy wedding gift for your man in the form of a “black book.” Yet the more I think about it, I think the real benefit is allowing women an opportunity to express themselves sexually and feel great about their bodies in a safe environment. Do you have a little Dita in you?
    • Trash the Dress – Its the sentiment behind this I love. Brides can become untouchable figures, literally and figuratively, hiding behind a bundle of nerves, a big dress, and lots of make-up, worried about looking perfect. Trashing your dress doesn’t have to mean setting it on fire or drenching it in mud like some of the more hardcore enthusiasts. It might be just as liberating to put on the dress the day after with a totally different and relaxed attitude. Plus I think the unexpected backdrops make for some pretty cool and artsy shots that can reflect a bride’s personality much more effectively than posed photographs. Check out the Flikr group for lots of inspiration.
    • Signature Cocktails – Need I say more? These can even cut down on your bar tab if you offer just one or two types of cocktails in addition to beer and wine, without sacrificing the class factor. I’m considering using white grape martinis for ours. They look and taste pretty fabulous, I think.

    One Response to “Nouveau Traditions”

    1. All in for either trash the dress or Boudoir session- Real fun thing to do

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