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Colors & Creativity March 19, 2008

One of the benefits of having a fiancé who is a web developer, especially one who takes an interest in my humble attempt at blogging, is that he gives me a totally different perspective on wedding planning. One of the tasks it seems that most brides tackle first is choosing a color scheme. Its not as daunting as choosing a venue or a dress, but it still sets the tone of the day (no pun intended). Yesterday, my fiance pointed out some snazzy design sites that are typically used by graphic and web designers, but could be really helpful for developing a color palette for your wedding.

The first is called Kuler by Adobe (I’m told Adobe is to Tech World as Zac Posen is to Fashion). For a site obviously oriented toward tech savvy people, the “Lab” as they call it is surprisingly easy to use and pretty endlessly entertaining. You can create your own color scheme based on a “rule” or you can do it manually. Even more fun for me, however, was looking through the ones that other people created. There are some great ready-made options, plus the names that people choose are pretty hilarious. Just as a teaser, try to imagine what “Pigeon in a Blender” or “I Hate Mondays” would look like. My favorite wedding-like themes are:

“Bordeaux” by brookewb


“Marie Antoinette” by hkamer7


The other site is called ColourLovers, and the best feature here, in my opinion, is that you can create and browse patterns, which would be another cool way to play with ideas for invitations, bridesmaid dresses, you name it. I love both the name and the pattern “Tenderness” by for its delicate and soft feel.

“Don’t leaf qclaudia” by Linsomnia has a completely different vibe, but the bold colors and lines could make for a unique take on your typical Autumn wedding scheme.


Even if you’ve already decided on your wedding colors, give these sites a look if you’re feeling a little creative and want to let out your inner graphic designer!



3 Responses to “Colors & Creativity”

  1. Liz Says:

    I just clicked through to your blog from the Columbus Knotty page and my colors are black, white, and lime/kiwi/green button mum green as well. I never thought I’d pick them but they do look pretty cool every time I see the combination. Now I just need to find a black&white pattern that’s not zebra, damask, or toile.

  2. jnicholea Says:

    This was such a great post. I think I could spend hours coming up with different color schemes. So I don’t know whether I should curse your or thank you 🙂

  3. Celeste Says:

    I love your plum colour palette board. I am cosidering plum, mauve, ivory, light green for my wedding.

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