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Feature: ButterfliesKiss March 21, 2008

Everyone probably knows by now that I have a weakness for anything custom designed or personalized, which is why I’m crushing on these awesome illustrations by Donna at ButterfliesKiss. She contacted me with a link to her work and in addition to our mutual appreciation for Candy Girl, I saw that we shared a basic wedding mantra: your wedding should be one of a kind. Donna takes inspiration from your wedding, whether it is your dress, your colors, your cake, or your flowers and creates a unique artistic version of your event. The illustrations can be used for anything from gifts to invitations or cards.

What makes this business especially suited for BridalCheek is that she specializes in diverse weddings, which covers a wide range from ethnicity to lifestyle and soon to style as well! She has a new line of “indie bride” illustrations in the works, that will feature more edgy brides as well as a line of sexy illustrations to be used for bachelorette parties or naughty personal stationary…how cool is this chick? I asked Donna a few questions about her work and she had some great insights to share about her work and her own wedding.

  • What sets your card company apart from others? What elements from a wedding do you use to make the cards personal and unique?

    “I think the most important thing that sets my cards apart is that they are personally illustrated by me and can be customized with a drawing in the likeness of the bride, her bridesmaids and colors, her particular dress style, and her flower choice. The other thing is that my cards are racially diverse. I’m told by Asian and African American brides that designs reflecting diversity are almost non-existent in the stores.”

    • Do you have plans to add any other categories to your cards?

    “Yes! I’m currently working on an alternative section where I will feature designs for the indie bride, “tattoo bride”, “Rock n’ Roll bride” etc.- and a brides of different cultures section featuring brides wearing their traditional wedding clothing. I also welcome any custom request. Finally- I am also in the process of creating a third website featuring sexy girlie illustrations. Targeted to bachelorette parties, lingerie bridal showers or just personal love notes- (for the Candy Girl in us all) Should be up in a week or so- I will forward.”

    • What is the most important piece of advice you can give to those who are planning a wedding?

    “Your photos will be what you have left when all is said and done. Choose your photographer carefully.”

    • What was your favorite part of your own wedding?

    “Our ceremony in the rose garden of the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.”

    The possibilities for her work are endless. How sweet of a gesture would it be to ask your friends to be your bridesmaid with a card personally designed to look like them in your wedding colors? Adorable. As for me, I’m pretty set on those bachelorette invitations…here is a sneak preview!




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