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Confession and Inspiration March 26, 2008


Ok, I admit it. I was watching The Hills last night. I don’t have an excuse, other than it was shot in Paris and I will usually stop on any show that has beauty shots of that city. Shockingly, however, something more came out of the episode than me just really wanting to pack my bags and hole up on the Champs-Elysées. It was only a split second image, but I was really inspired by these whimsical flower arrangements at Le Grand Hotel (I apologize for the bad quality of the image by the way, I had to do some technical blundering to find it for you). What an original yet simple way to liven up centerpieces with something as cheap as food coloring! I was already considering using green orchids in water for my reception, but having them in chartreuse water would definitely punch up the overall effect. There are lots of other variations on this look that would be killer as well.  You could substitute candles for flowers, jars or fishbowls for vases, and experiment with different materials like rocks or grass. So far I haven’t been able to find a lot of examples online which leads me believe this look hasn’t been made popular yet. This way you have a fresh slate to create your own exclusive design (and to validate the fact that I watched and enjoyed a trashy reality show).


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    Good read! Thank you!

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