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I never thought I was a garter kind of girl… March 28, 2008

That is, until I found these sexy yet classy handmade garters at where else, but Etsy. That place is quickly becoming my online mecca for all things quirky and unique in wedding planning. Most garters are enormous frilly lace affairs that look bulky and uncomfortable, but these by Piper Ewan look sleek enough to go incognito even under the slimmest of gowns, not to mention the sophisticated and delicate color palette. She also offers brooches, hairpieces, and even a corset on her site. Am I in love? Yes. Am I buying one of her garters? Yes. Will I toss it at the wedding? Probably not. Its totally worth it anyway.



One Response to “I never thought I was a garter kind of girl…”

  1. nicolajameson1000 Says:

    Etsy is a mecca for me too! They really have great stuff-hadn’t thought of a garter though!

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