a journey toward non-traditional wedded bliss, with style

Registry Shopping April 7, 2008

Granted we still have over a year to go before the wedding, but in my opinion its never too early to start shopping for free stuff! I’m especially keen on this idea because if all goes well we’ll be buying a condo within the next few months, so I’m of course now obsessed with things like colored glassware and and kitchen appliances.

I was surprised to hear from a few of my already married friends that registering is not the cakewalk you might expect it to be. From my small taste of shopping today, I can definitely understand that it can be overwhelming. How do you even choose where to register?

So far there is one place where I will NOT register, for a variety of reasons. I’ve always had a bit of a vendetta against Macy’s. I think anyone with a beloved local store that gets bought out and then bastardized by a giant chain feels the same way (for me it was Frederick & Nelson’s in Seattle, but in Columbus its Lazarus, in Chicago Marshall Fields etc). The New York Macy’s is lovely, and I want to believe its all like Miracle on 34th Street but at all the local stores I’ve been too the merchandise and salespeople are just tired and sad. So despite the fact that Macy’s is certainly the largest and most convenient place to register, I won’t do it.

Now that my personal rant is over, on to the fun stuff. Drew and I spent several happy hours wandering through stores this weekend, and tentatively decided on registering at Target and Crate and Barrel. Since we already live together we have a lot of the basic stuff we need, but I also break glasses like nobody’s business so it never hurts to have extra! I figure those two places will give a wide range of price points for our guests, and cover us from everything to basic kitchen appliances to more stylish glassware, flatware etc. Maybe we’ll even throw in the odd piece of furniture for luck, like the awesome copper dining table I’m just a little in love with…


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