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Button Bouquets April 10, 2008

If you’re super crafty (and I would only call myself moderately crafty), these button bouquets would be a quirky twist on wedding decor. I probably wouldn’t use them for every centerpiece, especially because I imagine making them is incredibly time consuming, but scattered throughout the reception I think they could add some interesting texture and personality. Another plus is that buttons are very cheap, both new and antique so this could double as a money saving option as well. Plus who doesn’t love a good excuse to dig through an antique store? Actually, there are probably a lot of people, but regardless if you’re a do-it-yourself queen, these may be for you!

Image Credits: Brandelicious, Lil Fish Studio, MMM Designs, The T Cozy


One Response to “Button Bouquets”

  1. Kate Says:

    Ooh I think that lower right one would make a PERFECT centerpiece!

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