a journey toward non-traditional wedded bliss, with style

Reinventing the Rose April 15, 2008

Although I think roses are beautiful they tend to be a little overused in the wedding world, so I love seeing them used in fresh and imaginative ways. This centerpiece by Mocha Rose in Pittsburgh is stunning: it manages to be simple, architectural, and glamorous all at the same time. Depending on the style of your wedding I might lost the dangling crystals, but they also do add a certain antique flair. Overall I think the tall vase really makes the look, and has the advantage of being conversation friendly since it keeps the flowers above the heads of your guests. Function and fashion all at once! Take a peek at the Mocha Rose website and blog for more floral eye candy.

Also keep an eye out for a sequel to this post as I continue to look for innovative ways to use roses in my spare time (which coincidentally is becoming increasingly rare, but fortunately I’m one of those people who loves being busy). Share the love if you’ve seen any good examples!


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