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Melissa Sweet Trunk Show April 21, 2008

I went to a Melissa Sweet trunk show this weekend to check out the new line and continue my dress quest. There were definitely some gorgeous options, although nothing that I had to have. Honestly the highlight of the visit was the sweet and bubbly representative from the company who talked about all the dresses as if they were real people. Granted, they are named after girls but I couldn’t quite get used to her chirping to the other saleslady “oh, her bottom is just beautiful!” or “I just love her, she’s so dreamy!” Was she talking about me or the dress?

Had this dress come with a different bottom, I might have been seriously tempted. The bodice (which I couldn’t find a decent picture of) is incredibly gorgeous with a draped sweetheart neckline and tucking around the waist. The pleated bustle was also surprisingly flattering. What I couldn’t get used to though, was the seam right around my knees where the dress suddenly exploded with tulle, mermaid style. The top was so structured, I felt it visually chopped you off at the knees…I think I can count mermaid dresses out for sure.

This was one of the dresses I fell in love with in my very first stack of post-engaged bridal magazines. I love the fringed sweetheard neckline and the lace is so pretty and delicate looking. While I did like it in person, the skirt was a little full and fluffy for my taste. However, the rep said she knew a bride that hemmed the dress to make it tea-length and wore it with ballet flats to a garden wedding. How adorable is that?

This dress is fairly stunning, I will admit. The silhouette is simple but the lace itself is layered in a way that creates depth and movement as do the inset panels of more lace at the bottom. It is also apparently, the Cadillac of an army of similar looking gowns you can buy, priced at approximately $7,000. I would have had to like it a lot more to not flinch at that price tag.


4 Responses to “Melissa Sweet Trunk Show”

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  2. Kate Says:

    LOVE that first one! What was her name?

  3. laragale Says:

    Her name is Jillian, and I did love the back view…for whatever reason I just can’t deal with the mermaid style!

  4. malindyelene Says:

    Melissa Sweet Trunk Show this weekend, October 23rd and 24th at Malindy Elene in St. Petersburg, Florida! Calling all brides!! The gowns are exquisite and the service is phenomenal! by appointment or 727-898-6866

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