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Simple Silhouettes April 29, 2008

Like many other wedding bloggers I enjoy checking the search terms people use to bring them to my site. Some of them are fairly hilarious: for example “Dita Von Teese eyebrows,” “what did Mayans eat” and straight up “nude” (I’m pretty sure that person was sorely disappointed). However, one of the more popular hits that actually makes sense are people looking for simple or non traditional wedding dresses. With that in mind, I wanted to share my newest find, Simple Silhouettes. If you’re looking for a classy, no frills dress on a budget Christina Dalle Pezze might be your girl. Like most of the sites I promote, all her gowns are custom made and you can pick from a variety of fabrics and styles, or mix and match. She will also custom make your veil, accessories, and purse. As an added bonus, her bridesmaid dresses are simple and sweet, and could easily be worn again if you’re looking in that department. Happy browsing!


3 Responses to “Simple Silhouettes”

  1. Chris Says:

    I was very dissatisfied with my Simple Silhouettes bridesmaid dress. The fabric is flimsey, it is not well made, and their sizing is inaccurate. And to think they can be worn again after a wedding is not realistic. Finally, they are not exactly “budget” bridesmaid dresses; after shipping and alterations, they’re going to be above $300. I would advise against selecting their dresses for bridesmaids.

  2. laragale Says:

    Thanks for the tip! Just from looking at their website their dresses looked appealing but I know it can always be a different thing in person. That’s why buying dresses online does make me a little nervous…

  3. Beth Says:

    I used Simple Silhouettes for my bridesmaid dresses for my wedding and could not be happier. I chose a bright watermelon pink silk shantung and allowed my bridesmaids to select the style that they liked best. My maids looked beautiful and needed minimal alterations. One of my maids had just had a baby and SS allowed her to submit her size and style later than everyone else. I found the quality to be excellent and their service most helpful!

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