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Oh, Canada… May 4, 2008

What a whirlwind. Somehow in the insanity of the last few weeks we found time to buy a house! We actually had to negotiate for it from Canada, which was somewhat difficult considering our hotel was a darling bed and breakfast (ie not caught up with modern technology quite yet). But it all worked out, and we’re in contract on our first choice place.

This means that now I can officially add buying furniture and decorating to my list of obsessions. It still doesn’t seem real yet, but that seems to be the trend of grown-updom. Hopefully everything goes smoothly with the inspection etc. because I can’t wait to move in! Pictures to come…

While that was our own personal highlight of the trip, the wedding we went to was lovely too 🙂 My favorite elements were easily the gorgeous centerpieces and the favors. The bride found these pretty patterned tin boxes of “Wedding” tea that she emptied and used for vases. The tea was put into tiny silver pots with our names on them which we took home as favors and doubled as place cards. Not only was this adorable, but something I will keep and use which I always appreciate.


5 Responses to “Oh, Canada…”

  1. teaescapade Says:

    What a creative idea! I order a great deal of tea from Harney and Sons – they always have the most beautiful containers. Everytime I purchase a cannister of tea, I cannot bear to part with the can after the tea is gone. If only I could come up with a creative way to use them.

    By the way… how was the tea?

  2. laragale Says:

    I haven’t had a chance to try it yet…but I’m excited to! We actually got to take a centerpiece home too, so I’ll probably keep the tin and use it as a vase!

  3. teaescapade Says:

    What fun! Can’t wait to hear about the tea! Keep us informed…

  4. monika Says:

    This is so great! I ordered the mango tea tins to use for my wedding next Spring. How many did she place on each table and how big were the tables?

  5. laragale Says:

    It was actually a very small wedding, so there were four tables set up in a square with several of the tins on each table. I think if you had round tables though, you’d only need one per table with maybe some candles…hope that helps!

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