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One year from Saturday… May 22, 2008

I will be getting married! Even though we still have a long way to go the fact that we are finally within the one year marker is exciting since we’ve been engaged since August. As I’ve said before and I’m sure I’ll say many more times before the big day, I’m so glad we decided on a long engagement. I’ve been able to bask in the joy of wedding planning slowly and not feel rushed at all. I feel pretty good about what we’ve accomplished too (just to satisfy my inner type A-ness I’ll put it in a list).

  • Ceremony and Reception venue booked
  • Photographer booked
  • Dress ordered
  • Shoes bought (obviously this deserves it’s own bullet)
  • Color Scheme decided
  • Favors decided

And for many other details like the linens, chairs, flowers, music etc. I have a pretty specific idea of what I want so I think everything will come together quickly. Plus the longer we’ve lived in Columbus, the more awesome contacts are falling into our lap. I found a stylist and a salon I adore to do my hair and make-up plus a spa party for all my girls. The house we’re moving into happens to be next to this amazing bakery we stumbled upon, which is also right next to a cute stationary shop I have yet to explore. Hopefully the trend continues!

And what better way to celebrate our (negative one year) anniversary than to go to another wedding! We will be in Pennsylvania all weekend first at our college campus for the ceremony, then at a pretty historic inn for the reception, and finally relaxing at a cabin on a lake for the rest of the time. It’s nice to be one of the later weddings in our circle of friends so I can pick up tips from everyone before me 🙂 Enjoy the long weekend everyone!


One Response to “One year from Saturday…”

  1. wow you have done a lot so far! congratulations!

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