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Play Dress Up at Olivia Luca May 22, 2008

Normally I’m not a fan of virtual dressing rooms, but the design your own gown feature at Olivia Luca is pretty awesome.

You start off by selecting your skin tone on a sliding scale and then from there you can choose from hundreds of combinations of bodice styles, necklines, skirts, fabrics, and colors. The prices seem very reasonable, and they offer lots of fair-trade and eco-friendly fabric. They also offer the same feature for bridesmaid dresses. Even a quick look through the photo gallery is worth it, to showcase the dresses and for the cool tunnel vision photography effect.


2 Responses to “Play Dress Up at Olivia Luca”

  1. morephotos49 Says:

    I just followed the link and design my own gown – this is really cool, thank you for making my day! :o)

  2. laragale Says:

    you’re welcome 🙂

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