a journey toward non-traditional wedded bliss, with style

A Perfectly Traditional Wedding May 26, 2008

While my taste definitely leans toward the modern and non-traditional, this weekend showed me how fitting an entirely traditional wedding can be. The ceremony was held at our college chapel (and included incidentally the only moving reading of First Corinthians ever, which is some feat) and the reception was at the Riverside Inn. The Inn was built in the 1800s and retains all of it’s small-town Victorian chic. There are no TV’s or phones in the room, mismatching chintz everywhere, and the most fabulous teapots I have ever seen.

Everything about the wedding from the vows, to the flowers, to the dress, to the cake was classic, traditional and beautiful especially because it was a perfect representation of the couple. The mood was contagious and it is absolutely one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to which only reinforces that at the end of the day, the people make the wedding, not the stuff. I found myself loving things that would normally make me cringe, like the plastic fireman hats the DJ handed out during YMCA.


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