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Gorgeous Wedding Photography…for free? June 30, 2008

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I’ve already raved about our awesome photographer, Kitty Maer, so I was thrilled when she let me know about her new sister studio called Print Photography which will feature the work of her associate photographers. All it takes is a quick look at the site to realize all the things I love about Kitty’s studio are the same: the focus is on personalized and unique photography that has an artistic flair (and a darling logo too I should add). Check out the site for some seriously gorgeous pictures.

Even better, the studio is hosting a contest for one lucky couple to get a free photography package which includes full wedding day coverage by Christa and edited high-resolution images on disc, an online slideshow of wedding highlights, and travel. (And just as note to any of you just beginning your planning, that first part is key since a lot of photographers won’t give you the high-res images for you to have separately). I checked out Christa’s work online and her photos seem to have a softness about the lighting and the tones that is so romantic, although she has some really interesting graphic shots too. The shot of the red prayer books below is especially cool because it’s something pretty you could hang in your house as a subtle reminder of your wedding instead of the usual posed shots. And as if I needed any more convincing that I had picked the right group of photographers to work with I read this on the site too:

“it thrills us to hear about couples who forgo conventions to create a wedding day that truly represents who they are.  we especially love weddings full of personal DIY touches and those that are mindful of the environment.  so go ahead – make us fall in love with you! “

Couldn’t have said it better myself. If you are equally enamored, enter the contest, especially since I hear time and time again that photography is one of the most important elements of your wedding because the actual day is such a blur you want to be able to relive it all over again. You can find instructions at the site!


Shoes on a Budget June 27, 2008

I’ll admit that when it comes to shopping I have pretty expensive taste, especially in shoes. I’m a sucker for super high stilettoes and luxe fabrics. However I also love a bargain so I figured I would scour the web for pretty shoes at even prettier prices.Fortunately for shoe addicts like me there are plenty of fabulous options out there that look much more expensive then they actually are.

These Bandolino slingbacks are by far my favorite find. I love the feminine detailing, satin fabric, and the gorgeous blue color. Even better, these shoes are on sale for only $39.99! The only catch is that I can only find them in size 6 and 6 1/2 so far…but I’ll keep looking because I want a pair myself!

Nine West is always a safe bet for reasonably priced shoes that are right on trend. Both of these looks have pretty classic shapes with fun details for a little more personality, and both are on sale for $49.99 and $39.99.

I love the idea of patterned shoes with a wedding gown, and these striped Jessica Simpson sandals hit the right note between classic and quirky, and at $54.99 they won’t break the bank either.

For a little more money you can go designer with these Stuart Weitzman’s. While they may not be quite as amazing of a bargain as the rest, $139.99 for a $300 pair of shoes isn’t too shabby. And I love the effect of the textured gold lace.


More Paper Flower Alternatives June 25, 2008

After a slight snafu with our new internet company, I am back online with plenty of new inspiration, including more paper flower ideas since I just can’t get enough of them.They work on so many levels, economically, creatively, ecologically….and more importantly they look so damn cute! This origami themed wedding featured on Offbeat Bride is absolutely gorgeous, and I love how all the paper items were handmade by the bride and her Mom. Obviously you would have to be a pretty skilled folder to pull this off, but if you have the talent what a cool labor of love to create your own decor by hand. My favorite would have to be the bouttenieres and the origami necklaces, which coincidentally you can buy online to help feed hungry families. It’s always nice when shopping and community service coincide!


In Transit June 22, 2008

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You know that Ikea commercial with absurd amount of boxes piled on top of an itty bitty Volkswagen (just say “it only happens twice a year sale” to yourself with a Swedish accent until it rings a bell). That is pretty much what our move has looked like, except it has been our little Prius getting the workout the 3.5 miles between our old house and our new house. Fortunately, all of our stuff is now there, the furniture is (mostly) assembled, and we are (somewhat) organized and most importantly the house and the neighborhood are already have me over the moon with happiness. Unfortunately, we don’t get cable and internet until Tuesday which is when I think we’ll really feel settled…it might just be a little sad that we’re so dependent on technology but I think it’s pretty much a cliche at this point. So au revoir until Tuesday when I rejoin the world of the wired 🙂


Dress Therapy June 18, 2008

Nothing soothes the soul after an overly full day of work and moving heavy boxes from one house to another like staring at beautiful wedding dresses…I admit, maybe this is an odd relaxation method but I’m sure there are other overly zealous brides out there who do the same thing! And even if you’re just casually looking, the eye candy at Youlin New York is worth your while.

What originally inspired me to check out this line was a feature on Christine and Lawrence on What Junebug Loves. The bride’s Youlin dress was stunning: it was statuesque and delicate at the same time which is no easy combination. The rest of the collection follows in the same vein and feature some gorgeous gowns as well as one of a kind accessories including an intricate jade hairpin.


Recyclable Chic June 17, 2008

While I knew paper was cheap, recyclable, and readily available I had no idea it could be such a versatile decorating tool. These two pictures of receptions with centerpieces are both fabulous, but at totally different ends of the spectrum.

This set up is all about elegance. The muted color palette is gorgeous and the paper flowers are incredible works of art. Even though they aren’t real, they make the table look lush and full and they can be used again or saved which is a definite perk.

This table setting blew me away because it manages to make crumpled up newspaper look posh and avant garde. While the overall effect is still refined, I think this look would definitely get your guests talking! I’m intrigued by this whole idea so I’ll be on the lookout for more paper wedding decor…


Program Problem Solved June 16, 2008

Just the other day (I think I was on an airplane) I was musing about what type of programs I wanted to have for the wedding. Actually, that’s not true. First I hemmed and hawed about whether I even wanted programs in the first place and whether they are really necessary. The conclusion I came to was while not entirely necessary, programs are not only another keepsake for the scrapbook (if you’re into that kind of thing, which I’m not yet but stranger things have happened) but really helpful for your guests. Personally I always use the program to distract myself from the inevitable 20 minute delay of the wedding, acquainting myself with the order of the ceremony and what readings they will have. So having decided that programs were definitely a go, I then decided to look for something a little unusual.

Not surprisingly, Etsy the e- mecca of quirky wedding supplies had exactly what I never imagined I wanted…a cootie catcher program. On the West Coast we called these recess toys fortune tellers, but regardless of what you call them what a clever way to entertain your guests while they’re waiting and offer them something just a little cheeky and unexpected. Needless to say I’m into that!