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Non-Obnoxious Nautical June 1, 2008

I think nautical themed weddings always get a bad rap in movies. Surfing the channels last night I caught the clip of Wedding Crashers (which by the way is one of the few rated R for ridiculous comedies I love) where Claire’s sister is pledging to be her husband’s first mate. It doesn’t get much more campy than this:

“I, Craig,

take you, Christina,

to be my wife
my best friend
and my first mate…

through sickness and health,
clear skies and squalls.
I, Christina,

take you, Craig,
to be my best friend,

and my captain…
to be your anchor
and your sail…

…your starboard
and your port
You may kiss
the first mate.”

Fairly hilarious, but probably not what most people would have in mind for their vows. Then I remembered another classic movie moment from what else, but Clueless. At the very end of the movie when all of the girls are discussing their future weddings, Dionne has the brilliant idea of
adorning all of her bridesmaids in “little sailor hats, but like with veils.”

Neither of these movies make the nautical theme out to be very stylish, and typically I would agree. The preppy Hamptons style is fairly alien to me, and I would usually never peg it as a good wedding theme although I have seen it done well on other wedding sites. That said, just for fun I put together some images of what could be a non-obnoxious nautical wedding. Let’s see if Hollywood catches on…

welcome bag, chairs, reception, parasols, centerpiece , bridesmaid dress, shoes, cufflinks, bouquet, invitations, cupcakes


8 Responses to “Non-Obnoxious Nautical”

  1. Holly Hatam Says:

    That yellow and blue dress is gorgeous!

  2. laragale Says:

    I know! I kinda want to buy it for me!

  3. missgrumplebottom Says:

    lol the store I work at sells that dress … milly really was pushing the white and blue this season.

  4. missgrumplebottom Says:

    Actually, speaking of things at the store – we’ve got some really cute shoes in our sale section right now, and there’s one pair in particular that are super super cute. Look up the Lulu Guinness Rachelle wedge … we’ve got one in a 6.5, and it is just a little too small for me. If you like them, let me know, they’re super cheap right now and if I can’t have them I’d rather see someone I know is fashionable buy them than watch one of the rich old wenches around here snag them.

  5. Critsey Rowe Says:

    Very Cute! I have seen the nautical theme at a few beach weddings…it can be very nice but too much and it makes it kind of cheesy.
    Wouldn’t that yellow dress be a cool bridesmaid dress…that is something I can’t recall ever seeing, bridesmaids dresses with a pattern…They are always solid colors!

  6. laragale Says:

    Ooh, your job sounds dangerous! I think I’m cut off from buying shoes for awhile since I just bought Louboutins for the wedding…even though I got an amazing deal I’m still convincing Drew it’s worth it 🙂 Those are adorable though!

  7. missgrumplebottom Says:

    LOL I really do feel like my job would be dangerous, particularly for you, because I swear every time you put a dress or jewelry up we either have it or we have something that looks just like it! Fortunately, my pay + my discount = not enough to buy most of the stuff we sell. Or is that unfortunately? 😛

  8. […] all, it has to be non-obnoxious.  We’re not going to work sailing references into our vows or have my bridesmaids in sailor […]

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