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Blue Orchid Centerpiece Ideas June 12, 2008

One of my fellow teachers who is getting married in July asked me for some centerpiece ideas for her reception which will be at a gorgeous venue in downtown Columbus. Not only am I flattered because we’ve spent a lot of time sharing wedding details at work and she has fabulous taste, but I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to post some more floral inspiration since I think she is facing a dilemma that brides often struggle with.

After sticker shock at the florists, which is something I totally understand, she decided to use other more inexpensive materials to dress up her tables. Her original plan was to use blue orchids wrapped around the inside of a fishbowl filled with water and a floating candle on top, but something about the design just didn’t look right.

Without seeing it, I’m guessing that all the elements are competing with each other. A fishbowl is such a simple shape that usually only very minimalist flowers are used along with it, and the floating candle might seem out of place. I love the basics of the idea though, so here is a collection of ideas that will hopefully help reduce her last minute planning stress. I can’t wait to attend the wedding and post what she decided! I have no doubt the whole affair will be absolutely gorgeous.

Idea 1: Change the container shape

I think the fishbowl shape, while pretty is somewhat hard to work with. Cylindrical vases like these wouldn’t be much more expensive and are really elegant and streamlined with floating candles on top. You could either do a collection of different heights, or just one or two and scatter flowers on the table for more visual interest.

Idea 2: Use colored water

This would be incredibly inexpensive and I think the burning candle inside the turquoise water is a really cool effect. The website includes instructions on how to easily create the centerpiece yourself, and you could also add flowers either floating on the water or in between the two vases to incorporate the orchids.

Idea 3: Add branches for height

Another possible reason the fishbowl centerpiece wasn’t working could be the lack of height. Tall centerpieces definitely create more of an impact, although you do want to be aware that they can block conversation if you aren’t careful. Curly willow is a good element to use since you can get it cheaply and see through it enough to talk to the person across from you. I love how in this picture orchid blooms have been attached the the willow so it looks like a blooming branch. The advantage to this look would be you could really use any type of glass container as long as it was deep enough to hold up the willow.


31 Responses to “Blue Orchid Centerpiece Ideas”

  1. Donna Says:

    I love the idea of floating candles over orchids. Very pretty.

  2. Claire Says:

    What is the clear liquid in the vase?

  3. laragale Says:

    The liquid in all of the centerpieces is just water, and in the second they added food coloring. Hope that helps!

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  5. I love the containers with the submerged flowers and floating candles.

  6. I like the floating candles of floating blue orchids. Beautiful effect with the lights.

  7. Rachel Says:

    I love the floating candles over the orchids. May I know what is the size of the glass vase (first picture) and what size candles fit in there. Thanks!!!

  8. laragale Says:

    The candles are just normal floating candles that you can find at craft stores, and I’m not sure of the exact measurement of the vase, but I’ve seen them at Target and most florists have their own too!

  9. Oty Says:

    The first picture with the floating orchid i absolutely fell in love with… I have a few questions if anyone at all can help me out..
    1. Are those real orchids? how long can they last in water without falling to the bottom? Also if i wanted to use silk orchids do you think this will work and be a money saving idea? 2. How did you transport these to the Hall??

  10. Oty Says:

    By the way.. to save some money, sometimes the glass cylinder vases can get costly depending on where you find them. So i found Clear Drinking Glasses that i absolutely loved for a lot less than i found the vases.

  11. laragale Says:

    Using regular glasses is a great idea! The orchids in the picture are real, and if you go with that look your florist will take care of transporting them and setting them up for you (or you could try to buy them locally cheaper). They are expensive though, so using silk flowers could definitely save money, although I’m not sure how well they would hold up in water…you’d have to experiment 🙂

  12. Oty Says:

    Sorry for all the questions, For a 10 person also for an 8 person table how many will suffice so it does not look overcrowded and so it does not look empty since this will be the main centerpeice for the table?? I really appreciate your help with this i want it to look amazing. 🙂

  13. Beautiful ideas!! How long or how well did your real orchids last/hold up in the being submerged in the water? Thank you for your help!

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  17. Random T. Says:

    This is very up-to-date information. I think I’ll share it on Facebook.

  18. Kelly Says:

    I love the floating candles with the orchids in them! I am getting married on the beach and think those would be classy but simple and elegant. Did you use real orchids or silk ones?
    I have a feeling real ones would be hard for me to obtain (I am getting married in Mexico). Any ideas??? Thanks!!!

    • Candice Says:

      hey i noticed that you mentioned that you are getting married in Mexico!! DId you have your wedding yet?? Ours is not until May 2010. Let me know how the centerpieces go with you! I feel in love with the look too but i dont know how the silk flowers would do!

  19. Mary Says:

    Hey, I as fell in love with the floating candle with water effect. I found cylinder glass vases at the local Dollar Tree which saved us a ton. You can also look up and find them there too. I couldn’t wait for the order so went hunting fom Dollar Tree to Dollar Tree and got all 50 glasses vases….

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  21. Laura Mullane Says:

    Hello, I love idea 3 with the willow tree. Please could you tell me what the height and width of the vases are and also what i the ball thing in the middle of the arrangement? I really would like to do this for my wedding!

    Many thanks,


  22. Erika Limpin Says:

    You can try finding pillar vases at wholesale places. I bought mine at Shipping can get a bit expensive, but they were local for me. $8 for a glass pillar vase is a steal!

    I really really like the floating candle idea! But my fiance and I have been working on origami centerpieces already, so I can’t change the idea to a water one 😛 We’re doing the willow branches with silver branches and blue and orange origami flowers. It’s turning out very nicely 🙂

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  25. Boss Says:

    Where can I find colored orchids? Blie specifically.

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