a journey toward non-traditional wedded bliss, with style

Put the Lime in the Coconut June 12, 2008

After far too long of a layover stint in Baltimore, I’m finally back in Columbus after my trip to Florida. Everything about it was wonderful, the laid back beach vibe was exactly what I needed right before our move. And let’s be honest, the abundance of slurpee machines that dispensed daiquiris didn’t hurt either!

Even more therapeutic was spending time with one of my two maids of honor and her two incredible kids. She, like me, is an incessant planner and organizational queen so she had lots of savvy advice especially on the logistical side that I tend to overlook. For example, I hadn’t put together the fact that my mother has gorgeous handwriting and the fact that I wanted handwritten place cards yet.

She also shared a story with me about some family friends that used an adorable tradition we’re thinking about adopting for our wedding. They each selected a phrase to be engraved inside each others wedding band which was a surprise until the wedding day. Of course these two just happen to be English professors, so they ended up with the same phrase “nothing else is.” Seriously, it gives me chills. While Drew and I will most likely not choose the same phrase I have no doubt that whatever we do choose will be meaningful and another way to personalize our wedding.


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