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Shiny New Things June 15, 2008

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Now I don’t want to wax too materialistic in this post, but I have to say there is something really gratifying about growing up and being able to decide when and how to spend your own money. Drew and I have been saving for a year in order to buy a house and get settled with minimum pain and budget stretching. Our goal was accomplished on Friday when we closed on our house! We are both beyond excited, especially because we snagged a great deal in the Short North neighborhood, which is as close to Seattle as you can get in Columbus. Boutiques, bars, swanky furniture stores, and musty vintage shops crowd every block and in just a few weeks the whole area will be caught up in my favorite city tradition: Comfest and the Pride festival. I absolutely cannot wait to be living smack dab in the middle of all the festivities.

Since our current place is quaint and historic (read a matchbook sized converted carriage house) we had a lot of work to do in the furniture department. Clearly, a trip to Ikea was a necessity. We ended up with a bed, two night tables, a dresser, two desks and various and sundry chotchkes like an ice cube tray container that makes bottle shaped ice cubes and my beloved lingonberry jam (yay Scandinavia!) all for a comparably tiny price. One of my favorite unexpected finds were these sweet handblown wine glasses. At $2.99 a pop, I won’t feel too terrible if I break them.

And of course since we bought wine glasses, we needed a place to put them. Plus the rest of our booze accessories for that matter. We found this awesome wine bar at Crate&Barrel where I just happened to have scored some gift cards. I’m pretty excited to break in this piece at our housewarming party. I also revisited the copper top dining table I’m in love with at the store, but after the sobering realization that it costs more than the entire enormous load of furniture we bought at Ikea I’m willing to reconsider. For now.

I’m also thrilled to annouce that this is the inagural post on my brand new laptop. After lots of deliberation, I ended up with a Sony Vaio and I adore it. I have to admit I was very seduced by the Mac Air commercials with the manila envelopes and catchy music, but in the end I think this laptop will be even more functional and it’s pretty damn cute at the same time. Blogging will be a lot more enjoyable now that my lap will not be scorched by the rampant overheating of Drew’s castoff laptop. Goodbye 17 inch mammoth laptop, hello portability!


4 Responses to “Shiny New Things”

  1. Tina Says:

    Congrats on your new house and laptop!

  2. laragale Says:


  3. kitty maer Says:

    congrats on the house! and don’t sweat the copper table…they smell funny once you start using them.

  4. Blair Helms Says:

    yay! Congrats on all the exciting new things! (espeshally the new home!) yummy!

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