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In Transit June 22, 2008

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You know that Ikea commercial with absurd amount of boxes piled on top of an itty bitty Volkswagen (just say “it only happens twice a year sale” to yourself with a Swedish accent until it rings a bell). That is pretty much what our move has looked like, except it has been our little Prius getting the workout the 3.5 miles between our old house and our new house. Fortunately, all of our stuff is now there, the furniture is (mostly) assembled, and we are (somewhat) organized and most importantly the house and the neighborhood are already have me over the moon with happiness. Unfortunately, we don’t get cable and internet until Tuesday which is when I think we’ll really feel settled…it might just be a little sad that we’re so dependent on technology but I think it’s pretty much a cliche at this point. So au revoir until Tuesday when I rejoin the world of the wired 🙂


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