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(W)edible Flowers July 3, 2008

While I love the idea of edible flowers (I’m a sucker for anything that combines fashion and function) I used to have a hard time imagining how to make the flowers look appetizing. Of course they’re pretty, and even though I’m definitely of the “eat organic and local as much as you can” school, the idea of just popping a pansy into my mouth from the backyard is a little intimidating. However, I think I could get over that fear pretty easily with inspiration from some of these florists. Incorporating edible flowers would not only be a cool novelty for your wedding, but a great conversation piece and eco friendly too if you do it right!

These miniature pecan muffins with crystallized pansies look adorable and delicious. They would make an unusual hors d’oeuvre, or a good wedding cake alternative. Floral Concepts also makes a wide array of entrees using edible flowers, if you happen to be in the Florida or DC area.

I’ve already written a lot about cupcakes as a desert alternative mostly because…I just love cupcakes. I think they’re just as decorative as a cake, and so much easier to serve. The addition of the flowers really dresses these up and makes them look more swanky.

If you do want to go the more traditional cake route, this lushly decorated cake from Osage Gardens would be a beautiful option. I’m sure you could also request that they use specific types of flowers to match your wedding colors or theme.


One Response to “(W)edible Flowers”

  1. send flowers in India Says:

    yep!!! they are sweet and tasty…I love them in Cakes or gift wraps….

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