a journey toward non-traditional wedded bliss, with style

Matching-Sweater-Free-Zone July 8, 2008

I (sort of) get why couples choose matching outfits for their engagement pictures. I can easily imagine the “it looks better” and “it shows that we do everything together” explanations, and of course the tried and true wedding justification “but it’s just so cute !”

I understand wanting to coordinate somewhat but I feel like engagement pictures should portray who you are as a couple. And I’m pretty sure most couples today don’t wander around in identical jeans and turtlenecks. The exception to this rule are the adorable old couples with their matching windsuits…maybe that’s where Drew and I are headed (and that would make me very happy) but we’re definitely not there now!

We have our engagement session scheduled for next week and being the avid shopper that I am, I had my outfit planned months ago. Drew will probably pick out his outfit the day of, which is completely fine because he’s a pretty classy dresser and generally shies away from trends and potentially clashing colors. My hope is that we look the way we naturally do when we go out for dinner or a night on the town, taking into consideration the general tips from our photographer (no neon colors, really graphic prints etc). These couples seemed to have the same inspiration, and I love the way their pictures turned out!

He looks completely comfortable in jeans and a polo, and I adore her burgundy minidress with tights and boots. If it wasn’t hellishly hot and humid here I probably would have done something similar! Picture by Blue Olive Photography.

Another darling dress, but she has personalized the look with a chunky necklace and he looks great in a simple short sleeved button down. In some of the other pictures, the blue of her dress really pops against his white shirt. Picture by Lauren Slusher Photography.

And of course I had to include another Kitty couple. The casual look they both have is adorable, plus it allowed them to take some really sweet and playful shots around downtown Columbus which you can check out on Kitty’s blog.


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