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Wedding Saris July 9, 2008

One of my closest friends in elementary school and I used to spend hours after school watching Bollywood movies, which is probably where my fascination with saris began. Somehow Indian women can take miles of intricately patterned fabric and wrap it around themselves in a way that looks effortless and chic, which judging from my few attempts to fashion a toga, I would fail at miserably. However, I love to look at saris as works of art, which is just what I found at Raishma London. She creates traditional saris as well as East meets West fusion gowns. I have to say, after looking at these our virginal Western white seems a little bland.


5 Responses to “Wedding Saris”

  1. Jenna Says:

    My Mom photographed this wedding where the bride bought a sari for less than $100 when she was in India and then wore it as her wedding dress. It looked absolutely amazing!

  2. laragale Says:

    That is fabulous! India is on my list of must-go places mostly because I want to buy a sari there…

  3. Things like this make me jealous that I don’t have a more “exotic” ethnic background! But we are having a “themed” wedding shower dinner being thrown for us, and we get to choose the theme. I think I might choose indian just so I can wear a Sari!! =)

  4. Kim Says:

    I agree with starry-eyed barefoot bride! These are so beautiful, it truly makes you want to choose an Indian theme for your wedding, just to wear a sari.



  5. P82 Says:

    Unfortunately, you can’t wear a white sari to a wedding!! Traditionally, white saris are meant for funerals.

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