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Blue Orchid Update July 15, 2008

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When I posted about my friend’s flower dilemma, I had absolute confidence that the whole affair would be gorgeous, but what I didn’t have an accurate handle on was how much it would make me cry. Whether it was her beautiful antique lace looking dress, the abundance of personal details, the fact that they are high school sweethearts, or just the realization that my own wedding is drawing ever closer, I had trouble holding myself together pretty much the whole time.

To begin, I have to show the centerpieces. Initially the bride wasn’t sure how all the elements would work together, but in the absolutely gorgeous and ornate venue of the Columbus Athletic Club, they were perfect. Especially as the night went on the candles reflected off the water and gave the whole table a glow which was lovely.

The reception venue itself was pretty spectacular. There were beautiful chandeliers and ornate woodwork everywhere you turned, so the room didn’t need much decoration. The cake was pretty as well as delicious, and I loved all the personal touches like the groom’s cake, family picture tables, and signature turquoise cocktail.

I have to say, though, that my favorite piece of the wedding (and therefore item that I am most likely to steal) was the bride’s adorable parasol. It also turned out to be extremely practical because they got completely bombed with birdseed coming out of the church. I can see why more couples are using bubbles or sparklers, but if it makes for pictures like this, I think it’s all worth it.

Congratulations you guys!!!


5 Responses to “Blue Orchid Update”

  1. What a hilarious grooms cake! And while I wont be having birdseed (I REALLY don’t want to do anything to attract seagulls) this is such a great shot!

  2. blablover5 Says:

    Those centerpieces are gorgeous. And I love the groom’s cake too. We’re gonna have a hot dog. Guys sure love their meat dishes.

  3. Lena Says:

    The idea for your centerpiece using a glass bowl filled with water and a floating candle is quite stunning. I just think the effect is gorgeous! I also another idea where a glass bowl was filled with actual gold fish. It’s also quite easy and budget-friendly to assemble. You can see it here:

    Have a nice day!


  4. laragale Says:

    I love the gerbera daisies and goldfish look! My only concern would be who would take all the fish home…maybe they could double as favors which would save even more money 🙂

    Thanks for the tip!

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