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Sparkly, Shiny July 30, 2008

Sometimes I think I like the shopping more than the purchasing, which is true so far in the case of my wedding jewelry. I love looking at pretty,shiny things! I tend to be minimalist when it comes to jewelry, so I already know I want the focus to be on one gorgeous pair of earrings, probably with yellow stones to compliment my yellow sapphire engagement ring. I like the idea of borrowing a pair from Bag Borrow Or Steal, but so far they don’t have anything quite right. If I had an unlimited budget, I would probably snap up these absolutely fabulous Art Deco earrings from Adin Antique Jewelers, but at 1,300 Euro’s the price is just a wee bit intimidating.

Fortunately, I’ve already found several much more budget friendly options. These canary crystal earrings also have an Art Deco look to them, but are much more affordable at $395.

Normally I’m not a pearl kind of girl, but I like the simplicity and elegance of these fair trade earrings. Plus Drew likes pearls…

These are by far the cheapest option at only $39! I do like the marquis shape of the stones, but I might want a little more drama. What do you think?


9 Responses to “Sparkly, Shiny”

  1. kitty maer Says:

    ooh, i really like the pearl pair! they’re really quite different and have a simplistic beauty.

  2. I really like the first two. These are great pics!

  3. Julia Says:

    Laura, I love all three…its hard to make the decision without them on you with the dress. Fab choices!

  4. candy Says:

    i love all three of them!!

  5. Julie Says:

    I LOVE the first pair. Maybe you could have them custom made in cz’s and semi-precious stones to make them much less expensive?

  6. laragale Says:

    that’s a really good idea, I’m having my wedding band custom made so I should ask…thanks!

  7. nozza Says:

    i came accross your blog by accident and i just wanted to say you have exquisite taste!

  8. Apoorv Kalra Says:

    it is real diamond and precious picture. specially, first one is more beautiful.

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