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Fabric Backdrop August 24, 2008

For the last week my mom has been in from Seattle, which has been wonderful because she was able to see in person what she’s only seen in pictures: the venue, the dress, everything. Drew and I are incredibly fortunate in that all of our family members are of the “if it makes you happy, it makes us happy” school of wedding planning, which has been so amazing. My mom loved everything we’ve planned so far, and was very sweet in helping us strategize about 30 different ceremony set-ups at the sculpture garden.

The dilemma (and actually dilemma is the wrong word because I love a challenge) is that because it is a sculpture garden right in the middle of downtown we have a few obstacles to work with. One is the abundance of large sculptures (obviously) that are gorgeous but prevent your typical ceremony set-up. The other is the way that most couples face is in front of a  backdrop including a pretty wrought iron fence, a beautiful historic church and…traffic. I love the urban aspect of our wedding, but I think it just hit me on this visit that a semi roaring past during our vows might be a tad distracting. This is how one fellow CMA bride solved both problems:

photograph by Kiso Fotographia

She draped white fabric over the fence and made a short aisle that turned off to the side when it hit the statue in the center of the garden (you can just see the corner of it in the photo). I think this set-up is gorgeous although rather than white solid fabric I’m considering doing sheer panels…enough to soften the effect of the road, but so you can still see the church. We could have the company that is taking care of our chairs and linens design something, but I almost wonder if something simple like these panels from Target, would work. Has anyone tried something similar?


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