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“I Promise Never to Wear A Flannel Nightgown” September 11, 2008

Most bridal lingerie makes me grimace. Or yawn. A lot of this is due to the fact that my pasty self is not most alluring when strapped into frothy material approximately the same color as my skin, but I also feel like lingerie companies make full use of the same “get out of jail free” card that bridal gown designers use. Make it white, lacy, and expensive, and women will buy it. Don’t get me wrong, of course there are exceptions like this vintage inspired get-up by Ophelia Fancy...

but generally the more basic lingerie is much more my style. These are definitely more the type of items that will be on my honeymoon shopping list:

The purple color is gorgeous, and I love ruffled trim and slightly undone looking hem. You can buy this babydoll at Bare Necessities.

My love affair with Stella McCartney continues. This is simple, chic, and luxe looking plus since it’s Stella, you know it’s eco-friendly.

All I have to say is this is a lot of bang for your 26 bucks.

Pretty, delicate, just classic Cosabella. And if you ignore the model’s pained expression, it looks very comfortable!


2 Responses to ““I Promise Never to Wear A Flannel Nightgown””

  1. abncparties Says:

    Definitely not pasty. Beutiful and colorful….

  2. Laurelle Says:

    Thank you for you post, it very instructive for me. Thanks

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