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Engagement Picture Teasers – aka An Ode to Kitty Maer September 28, 2008

Oh. My. GOODNESS. Kitty Maer is forcing me to do all sorts of things I never do, like add periods in between words and type in all caps, because that is the only way I can attempt to describe how much I adore our engagement teasers. Drew and I wanted pictures that reflected us, the way we usually are (although without our normal camera awkwardness of course). We strolled around our neighborhood, window-shopping and eating ice cream while Kitty followed us, working her magic. It was such a fun and relaxed experience, and I am beyond excited to see the rest of the pictures! You can check out more examples of Kitty’s genius at her blog.

We’re actually standing in an overgrown garden at an abandoned school, but I love how the filtered light and soft colors make it look like our own little urban oasis.

.I’ve already changed my mind approximately eight hundred times, but I really think this one might be my favorite.

One of the original inspirations for our pictures was a funky upside down mural of American Gothic, so we tried to channel the faces here…it lasted about two seconds before we starting cracking up, so Kitty must have Spiderman-like reaction time!

I love how my feet are a little blurred, because I have to take about three steps for every step Drew takes. Stupid tall people…

Sigh…this picture is so romantic it makes me warm and fuzzy inside.


5 Responses to “Engagement Picture Teasers – aka An Ode to Kitty Maer”

  1. Jenna Says:

    So so beautiful! The sun flare on the last one is all beautiful and pretty and dear. I’ve never seen an upside down American Gothic mural before, awesome shot. She did an amazing job, and you both look so natural and relaxed. I particularly like the way she uses color.

  2. Linda Says:

    I love that first one. It does look like an urban oasis!

  3. Kay Beaton Says:

    I love them all, but especially the American Gothic mural one….that just makes me smile! Isn’t Kitty amazing???

  4. LeighAnn Says:

    Wow! These are SO great. You have great hair btw 🙂

  5. laragale Says:

    Thanks!! I just checked out your blog too, and I love it 🙂

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