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A Woodland Wedding October 26, 2008

Surfing through the Knot boards, I came across the gorgeous wedding of Mrs. Daffodil. This couple managed to incorporate rustic elegance and vibrant colors in every detail without it coming off as kitschy, and the overall effect is beautiful. They also share their personalized ceremony on the site, which is really helpful if you’re looking for some tips to write your own non-religious script. They even did a wine sharing ceremony in lieu of a unity candle, which seems much more appealing to me somehow 🙂


Our Save the Dates!!! October 22, 2008

We gave Marit Hanson just a few guidelines for our save the dates: our color scheme, and a vague idea that we wanted to use our engagement pictures and give an overall feel of “event” rather than “wedding” especially since we’re getting married in an art museum.

Marit is a dream to work with. Of course I expected great things because we immediately bonded over our mutual love of chartreuse and damask, but what I didn’t expect was how involved I felt in the process. She was completely open to playing with new ideas, excited about our suggestions, and patient with our inability to decide on a photo to use (Kitty Maer just gave us too many good ones to choose from!), not to mention lightning fast with her turnaround time.

So without further ado…

I cannot express how happy these make me! They’re the perfect preview for the fun, urban, modern wedding we’re hoping to have (and I kind of feel like a celebrity having my picture on them). I also found these cool stamps on that I think will really pop against the green envelopes.

We’re also using Marit for our invitations, and I can’t wait to see how those turn out too!!! Check out her Etsy store if you want to feel like a rock star too 🙂


More Non-Wedding Wedding Dresses October 18, 2008

So far I’ve avoided the urge to be a two dress bride completely, but this gorgeous dress from the Nordstrom catalog almost made me reconsider. And for only $268? Buying a normal evening gown for your wedding dress definitely has it’s perks!

I had to put the picture of the back of this dress, because the origami pleating is so pretty. I also love the soft pale pink color. This dress is $405 at Saks.

This Nicole Miller dress would be so cool at a beach or outdoorsy wedding. From far away the fabric looks like lace, but it’s actually crocheted and beaded. It’s a perfect mixture of classy and crafty for $539 at Bluefly.


Bouquet Wraps October 13, 2008

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Part of the reason I love weddings is because I’m such a detail person, and one detail that’s been on my mind ever since the wedding of two of our close friends is bouquet wraps. The bride has fabulous taste, not surprising since she was a fashion major in college, and it showed in every part of her gorgeous wedding. One of my favorite details was her bouquet, which was a simple bundle of calla lilies, wrapped with ribbon and studded with pearls and cameo brooches. I’ll probably hit her up for even more of her wedding pictures, so keep an eye out!

I’m not sure exactly what I want to use for my bouquet yet, although I think this idea is hilarious and adorable at the same time: the bride pinned a picture of her husband when he was eight years old to the bouquet.

I also love the idea of a simple, stem wrapped bouquet.


Cabin Fever October 9, 2008

I’ve got rustic on the brain. A big group of our college friends are renting a cabin in rural PA for the long weekend, and even though I am normally a city girl I can’t wait for campfires, country, and relaxation. In that spirit, I found some wedding inspiration that is a little more pastoral than usual 🙂

Bales of hay never looked so artistic.

How cool are these? Wedding stationary silk screened on wood with burnt borders.

Something about punch in mason jars just makes me so happy.

Simple, but pretty and the twisting branches overhead are gorgeous.


Southern Gothic Wedding October 6, 2008

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday, and since it is finally October I feel justified in obsessing, just a little. Leave it to Elizabeth Anne Designs to come up with the most sublime vision for a Southern Gothic Wedding, with the perfect mix of dark, vampy, and gorgeous details. A full on Halloween themed wedding is a little much, even for me, but this captures the feeling of the season in such a classy and romantic way. Yet another fictional wedding I want to be invited to…


Dahl by Allison Kelly October 2, 2008

Anyone as Project Runway obsessed as myself right remember Alison Kelly from last season, even though she was kicked off fairly early. I stumbled across her new line today, which features some interesting dresses with jewelry built right in, as well as romantic crocheted tops and kimono style wraps. I also discovered that she will custom design wedding and bridesmaid dresses, as she did here for her sister’s wedding. What stands out to me about this picture, though, is not the dresses as much as the bouquets. I love how they’re all similar in size and how the colors are clumped together. I think it makes for a much more modern effect than having perfectly symmetrical arrangements. Since we’re having our first meeting with a florist on Monday, this is probably a look I’ll keep in mind!