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Vintage Jewelry November 28, 2008

I’ve been on the hunt for vintage or vintage inspired jewelry since my dress has a definite 1940s flair. Amanda at VintageGlam turned me on to Ben Amun, which has some absolutely gorgeous pieces (check out her gorgeous earrings on the site) but I’m never one to stop shopping!

I love the idea of finding a parure (matched set of jewelry) since I want earrings and a brooch to wear on my dress. Thanks for the Memories doesn’t have a lot of those, but they do have an absolutely incredible selection of individual pieces that may end up being too tempting for me to resist.

One of the many gorgeous Art Deco brooches.

I love this era of jewelry because it manages to be girly and geometric at the same time.

One end of this pin unscrews so you can wear it in your hat, your clothes, or your hair.

Yay shoe clips!


Deals at Net-A-Porter November 24, 2008

I’m giving you fair warning, if you love shopping and don’t want to be in serious danger of credit card debt don’t click on this link. I adore Net-A-Porter, but usually the four digit price tags are enough to discourage me from even entertaining the idea of buying anything. But just in time for the holiday season (when I should be looking for other people and not myself coincidentally) they’re having an enormous sale with designer items half off…and they have some gorgeous stuff.

Hello?!? Only the most fabulous something blue ever…you would have to wear a short wedding dress to do these beauties justice. The Louboutins are still $500 with the discount, but even just looking at them is fun.

Yes, I too have a love affair with damask. I could see wearing this to our rehearsal dinner or on the honeymoon.

Speaking of honeymoon…$70 isn’t bad for a silk and lace chemise.

Check out the sale for much, much more!


Topsy-Turvy November 23, 2008

I wish I could wear hats all the time. Which is funny since I almost never wear hats, mostly because I don’t like your ordinary run of the mill style. I like Kentucky Derby – Queen of England style hats, or cute little vintage hats with veils, none of which are really appropriate in my everyday life. But I still love to look at them and the Topsy-Turvy shop over at Etsy has some of the coolest designs around, including wedding hats and veils.



Labors of Love November 19, 2008

I have yet to join the “do it yourself” land that inevitably comes with weddings. It’s a great way to exercise a little creativity and potentially save a ton of money, but if you also have to factor in the time you spend on the project. So far I’m hoping the projects I have lined up for myself like apple placecards and artsy framed table numbers won’t be too time intensive (famous last words of every bride) because time isn’t something I often have to spare. These are some of the projects I’ve been inspired by, but too scared to actually tackle!

I actually have pretty decent handwriting, and if I really tried I could probably learn how to do calligraphy…but the thought of painstakingly addressing over 100 envelopes by hand kind of terrifies me even though it would look gorgeous!

These tissue paper pomanders are so cool looking, but you have to be super crafty. I might still try to get up the nerve to try one out. If you want to as well, the instructions are here!

Since my only sewing experiences have all ended in disaster, I only briefly considered the idea of making my own veil. This bride did a fabulous job though, and if you’re more domestically inclined than me you can make one of these youself for under $10!!! There are a ton of instructions out there, but you can go here, here, or here to get started.


Vintage Glam November 17, 2008

It took about two seconds of scrolling through Amanda’s VintageGlam site for me to realize it was going to one of my new favorite wedding blogs. The site is full of creative ways to incorporate a vintage flair into your wedding, whether it’s with your fonts, fashion, or do it yourself projects.

And then I saw the pictures of her own wedding…they are so absolutely gorgeous and filled with lovely details that I’ll just let them speak for themselves!


Pretty, Pretty Dresses November 16, 2008

I’m still astonished that after over a year of complete immersion in wedding planning and reading wedding blogs and magazines, there are still so many wedding dress designers I haven’t heard of yet. Like Sharon Bowen, whose site I randomly found yesterday when I was idly veil shopping. Her dresses are artistic and gorgeous, and range from princess to punk.


I don’t know if it’s just the lighting, but the pale yellow tones in this dress are soft and pretty, and I love the flower detailing in the front.


This reminds me of Marie Antoinette meets Bride of Frankenstein, but somehow in a good, fashion forward way.


Bundled Up Bride November 13, 2008

Having to buy lots of cute coats and shawls has been the one redeeming factor of moving to a place where they actually have winters. The sudden drop in temperature has got me thinking about what to wear over wedding dresses, even though my own wedding is in May…but you never know, it could be chilly right?

This Foley + Corinna wrap may not be incredibly warm, but it is incredibly gorgeous. I love the keyhole detail and the front drapes beautifully too!

For something with a little more warmth and a lot more drama, you could do a floor length velvet coat. This embroidered Art Deco era version is $175 at Unique Vintage.

The pleating on this taffeta Oscar de la Renta wrap from Nordstrom is so pretty. They also have a sweet faux fur shrug if that’s more your style.

How fun is this retro satin jacket from Malleries? I can totally see some cute vintage style bride rocking the hot pink!