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Labors of Love November 19, 2008

I have yet to join the “do it yourself” land that inevitably comes with weddings. It’s a great way to exercise a little creativity and potentially save a ton of money, but if you also have to factor in the time you spend on the project. So far I’m hoping the projects I have lined up for myself like apple placecards and artsy framed table numbers won’t be too time intensive (famous last words of every bride) because time isn’t something I often have to spare. These are some of the projects I’ve been inspired by, but too scared to actually tackle!

I actually have pretty decent handwriting, and if I really tried I could probably learn how to do calligraphy…but the thought of painstakingly addressing over 100 envelopes by hand kind of terrifies me even though it would look gorgeous!

These tissue paper pomanders are so cool looking, but you have to be super crafty. I might still try to get up the nerve to try one out. If you want to as well, the instructions are here!

Since my only sewing experiences have all ended in disaster, I only briefly considered the idea of making my own veil. This bride did a fabulous job though, and if you’re more domestically inclined than me you can make one of these youself for under $10!!! There are a ton of instructions out there, but you can go here, here, or here to get started.


7 Responses to “Labors of Love”

  1. Silvia Says:

    I too don’t have much time these days but for the sake of being able to afford the wedding I doing most things myself. Thanks for the link to the tissue paper pomanders, i will try them out!

  2. Beth Says:

    “Since my only sewing experiences have all ended in disaster” … I had a flashback to the fairy costumes of yore, lol. And then I thanked Jason again for buying me a sewing machine.

  3. blablover5 Says:

    I would be terrified to do the tissue paper ball. Glue and I do not get along. I always always wind up with it all over me.

    I am still trying to figure out how I managed to get glue on my upper thigh when I was scrapbooking with pants on.

  4. blablover5 Says:

    Not to mention scissors really hate me. Cutting and writing in a straight line is not for me.

    But despite that I have managed to make some kinda cool stuff. I think the trick is to play up what you’re good at and run and hide from what you aren’t so hot at.

  5. @ blablover5, funny about running and hiding from what you’re, ummmm, less gifted at! I love DIY stuff too, and did a lot of that for my own wedding, but when it came to my save the dates, I wanted a magnet…something my guests could put on their fridge. Perfect solution for me was what MagnetStreet Weddings carries . . . and you can change the designs to suit you….change the color, the font, so that it matches. We submitted our own photo of a boat at sunset (had our reception aboard a charming paddleboat), picked out our own font. Check ’em out.

  6. Sandra Says:

    I love, love, LOVE the tissue paper pomanders! I, too, was worried about the labor intensity of the project so I decided to make a “sample” one and decide if it would be worth the trouble. It was SO much easier than I ever imagined…and although it was a bit time consuming (it took me an entire evening to make one) the finished product was actually beautiful! I suspect that if I take the time to prepare all of the materials ahead of time, and maybe enlist the help of a few friends, I could knock a bunch of these out in no time. In short…worth the effort. 🙂

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