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Topsy-Turvy November 23, 2008

I wish I could wear hats all the time. Which is funny since I almost never wear hats, mostly because I don’t like your ordinary run of the mill style. I like Kentucky Derby – Queen of England style hats, or cute little vintage hats with veils, none of which are really appropriate in my everyday life. But I still love to look at them and the Topsy-Turvy shop over at Etsy has some of the coolest designs around, including wedding hats and veils.



3 Responses to “Topsy-Turvy”

  1. blablover5 Says:

    Some of those would be really cool for a bridal photo shoot, especially if you changed into a new one at a different setting.

  2. They really make a statement, don’t they? I love unique hats also . . . not just for warmth in a Minnesota winter, but more to make my own style statement.

  3. these are so cool looking. I want bride with these for formal sessions. We shoot Vancouver weddings and these French style decorations are so unique… love it.

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