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The Phases of Engagement January 5, 2009

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Just a little something I’ve observed from my own and my friends’ experiences with the wedding whirlwind. Anyone else feel this way?


1) Pre- Engagement

You spend as much, if not more, time looking at wedding magazines and browsing bridal fashion shows, and inordinate amounts of time staring at engagement rings, whether in store windows or on people’s fingers. But all secretly, and with a “no pressure” attitude.

2) Engagement

Completely exhilarated, you call everyone you know, buy an enormous stack of wedding magazines, say the word “fiance”  as many times as you can even in inappropriate situations, and drive recklessly while staring at your ring.

3) Initial Planning Phase

Beaming with hope and expectation, you ask your fiance “So what were you thinking for the wedding?” most likely illiciting an overwhelmed look because your wedding planning energy is radiating like a force field, and he knows that you’ve probably already picked out the linens and designed monogrammed cocktail napkins.

4) Apathetic Phase

Maybe this is only in long engagements, but after about six months of frantic planning and then realizing the wedding is still a year away, the less fun tasks like bullying home addresses out of people or recalculating the budget (again!) seem tiresome. Can also be accompanied by a short lived substitute obsession, like interior decorating or shoe shopping.

5) Re-engagement Phase

What?!?! Five months left? Guess it’s time to start those D.I.Y.’s 🙂


To be continued…


6 Responses to “The Phases of Engagement”

  1. Abbie Says:

    I think I’m in stage 4 right now… maybe when the 6 month countdown hits later this month my butt will get in gear. Maybe.

  2. Audrey Says:

    I found your site by accident and I love, love, love your blog. Keep up the good work!!!

  3. laragale Says:

    thanks! 🙂

  4. Amy Says:

    I’m in between 4/5 right now. I’m about 10 month to go and I have so much done it’s not even funny. I stumbled upon your blog today. Hi.

  5. Cheryl Says:

    wow this list made me laugh a lot. i can see myself being every single one of those stages basically word for word.

    i’m currently at #1 though. i know he has the ring, and i know he has a plan/time, i just don’t know when.

    so i’ll go back to patiently waiting…

    but i LOVE your blog. love love love it.

  6. great post. I especially found it useful where you started

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