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A Starry Wedding January 28, 2009

 Flipping through an art book today I rediscovered one of my favorite Van Gogh paintings, “Starry Night Over the Rhone,” and of course immediately thought what a beautiful theme it would make for a wedding. Lots of deep colors, candlelight, by the water, under the stars


 veil starry night over the rhone birdcage centerpieces twinkle lights bridesmaids flowers chandelier


2 Responses to “A Starry Wedding”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    I would love to see a wedding focused around an artwork. What a beautiful idea. Perhaps your inspiration board will make it happen!

  2. Jennifer Orndorff Says:

    This is beautiful!! I rediscovered this painting and realized what a beautiful wedding theme it would make. I searched and found your page. Everything feels so right about this theme – it’s one of those “meant-to-be” things…this will be my wedding theme 🙂

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