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Vintage Look for Less March 8, 2009


dress belt buckle earrings shoes veil/fascinator

All of this for only $286.42? I saw this gorgeous chiffon dress with beaded cap sleeves and immediately thought what a statement it would make on a vintage inspired bride. This look would require a somewhat crafty touch, but I think fashioning a belt out of ribbon and an antique belt buckle ($14) and turning bits of rescued tulle, netting, and flowers ($12) into something like this would be so worth the challenge:


11 Responses to “Vintage Look for Less”

  1. Poster Blog Says:

    I love the dress! The gorgeous chiffon dress with beaded cap sleeves is actually perfect for a vintage inspired wedding.. Another thing that attracts me was the picture below. Sooo cute! Cool concept!!!

  2. Krista Says:

    That’s pretty amazing … and affordble.

  3. Liz Says:

    This is somewhat off topic but your blog is one of three wedding blogs I still keep on my feed as I am now married. It is a good reminder that cool people live in Columbus, something I need to be reassured off when considering moving back.

    Thought you would enjoy this if you haven’t seen it already.

    • laragale Says:

      Thanks so much! Where are you considering moving from? I know I still get homesick for Seattle a lot, but there’s so much to love about Columbus (except the total lack of geography of course) that I really love living here.

      And I hadn’t read that article, thanks for the link! A lot of my favorites are already on there, and some more I’ll have to try 🙂

  4. lmariea Says:

    Another Columbus bride blogger! I’m collecting links like baseball cards. Know of anyone else’s blog I should check out?

  5. Kelley Says:

    This whole ensemble is phenomenal!

  6. That dress is beautiful!

  7. gangstabride Says:

    wow that dress is pretty amazing. ditto for the buckle. i’ve never thought of using a vintage buckle before!

  8. clair Says:

    I LOVE this dress can you buy it or did you make it?? i would love it in a emerald green for my bridal party (and a spare for me for my next formal event!!!!) so if you know any stockists i would love to know about it!!!!!

  9. MaryTenderLOS Says:

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  10. Rosemary Says:

    Love this dress! The simple design is very trendy right now and the colour is just perfect…..Breathtaking!

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