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Wedding Teasers from Kitty Maer June 30, 2009

This morning while stopped at a red light, I decided to check my email on my iPhone. Big mistake. Because there it was, the first of many emails I’ve been dreaming about since we first hired Kitty Maer, photographer extroadinaire! The temptation to endanger myself and other drivers by immediately oohing and aahing over our teaser pictures was overwhelming, but somehow I pulled myself together and made it to work safely. These are what I got to feast my eyes on – we aren’t celebrities, rock stars, or models but Kitty makes us look like it! Such is her genius 🙂


We’ve all been in/to lots of weddings at this point so everyone wasn’t used to not having to pose since we wanted more candid shots – but our ring bearer is a pro!


A close up of my gorgeous green monochromatic bouquet from Petals & Leaves.


We normally aren’t good in front of the camera but Kitty can coax amazing shots out of anyone.


I love this GQ one of Drew in front of the awesome bunny statue!



13 Responses to “Wedding Teasers from Kitty Maer”

  1. […] few teasers of our wedding pictures from our incredible photographer today – head over to BridalCheek for a full […]

  2. feathersinyourhair Says:

    Um, holy to die for! Wow!!!! (we have shamelessly borrowed some of your ideas, including using Petals and Leaves!)

  3. Melissa Says:

    Laura, I love your wedding photos! Your dress is beautiful!
    Take Care,
    Melissa White

  4. Amy Says:


  5. emmawatson Says:

    Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really liked

  6. Karen - The Last Detail Says:

    Absolutely stunning photos. LOVE that veil!

  7. I love the birdcage wedding veil. I wish I had that veil when I was getting married!

  8. missyap Says:

    My God. That last picture of you is just stunning

  9. cindy Says:

    Hi Laura,
    love your wedding photos! You look gorgeous! I especially love your veil? do you mind me asking where u purchased it?

    Thanx and congrats!

    • laragale Says:

      Thanks! I got it from Marla J Designs on Etsy – way cheaper than anything you could buy in a bridal shop and the quality was great!

  10. Great photos, especially the last one. And the bunny…:)

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