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Young House Love Wedding July 29, 2009

One of my new favorite blogs is Young House Love – it’s full of awesome do it yourself design inspiration from a couple who turned a boring ranch rambler into a sleek and modern home. And, it just so happens that they applied their crafty and creative talents to their wedding as well. I don’t know which of the following is more impressive, that a) the bride bought her dress days before the wedding and dyed it to be worn again after b) they relandscaped their whole yard so that the entire wedding could be held at their home or c) that their entire budget was under $4,000. Amazing! Head over to their site to check out their wedding album!

young house love


3 Responses to “Young House Love Wedding”

  1. Erica Sparkenbaugh Says:

    Laura, this cracks me up. I’ve been sincerely obsessed with this blog since they started it. I’ve got a few of my other friends hooked on it, too, and we actually talk about their recent projects and stuff when we get together. I feel so silly!

    I’ve used a lot of their ideas decorating our house 🙂

  2. Liz Says:

    That’s so funny! I was fairly recently married (December) and have just discovered younghouselove and the fun of home renovations.

    I guess we all go through the basic cycle of wedding>home renovations. Unfortunately since I live in an apartment renovations aren’t for me. Instead, I’ve been looking for some nice non-selfrighteous workout blogs. It would be great to have weddingbee for jocks.

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