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Local Love August 27, 2009

Remember the couple from A Picnic Wedding? Well the actual event occurred last weekend, and despite all sorts of near disasters (rain, cancellations, a visit to the emergency room) everything worked out in the end, and the whole event was absolutely beautiful.

I just love weddings where every detail is a clue to the couple’s personalities, and this one was one of the best examples I’ve seen. Both the bride and groom are very involved with their community, and are passionate about trying to live as green and locally as they can. Almost every detail was handmade, and every detail had meaning. In fact there were just so many moments that were tear-jerkingly sweet that I think I should rename this the Warm & Fuzzy wedding.

To summarize briefly: the ceremony was in a beautiful little church with a gospel choir, the whole wedding party travelled in petty cabs to the reception closeby, the food was all local and organic (including the best lavender iced tea ever!), the flowers were put together by the bride and friends that morning, and dancing was under the stars. Here are just a few of the many, many pictures we took!

picnic wedding copy


14 Responses to “Local Love”

  1. I love the tables outside with the candles.

  2. The decorated tables are so romantic looking! Very nice!

  3. Bryan Says:

    Great work done.The tables around are really beautiful….

  4. Gabriela Says:

    The table arrangement was fantastic!! Thank you for sharing

  5. Lisa Says:

    Love the wedding cake and how it is decorated! So pretty!

  6. Cake lover Says:

    I am always love cakes !!! So i liked that white cake in the second image. It’s nice right ?

  7. The wedding cake doesn’t look the usual cake you want to immediately dive in, but I can see it’s delectable, but what cake isn’t?

  8. April Says:

    The tables look quite elegant and perfect on the stony steps. Hhmm, I think this is a brilliant idea. Love the outdoor ambiance and the candles sparkling creates a romantic mood for the newly weds and guests.

  9. grrt Says:

    So romantic!

  10. micwedding Says:

    really touch me !!

  11. Love the cake decorated with flowers. Did you make it yourself?

  12. Adding flowers to the cake is over the top. Perfect addition.

  13. hey the cake is so beautiful! love it

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