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What to do with The Dress September 22, 2009

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The process of choosing what to do with your dress after the wedding is almost as daunting a task as shopping for it in the first place. I understand why so many brides vacuum seal their dresses and hide them away in a dark corner of their closet never to see the light of day again – I don’t like it but I understand it.trash-the-dress

I just sold my dress (to another wedding blogger no less!) and I have to say I experienced some sentimental pangs as I was packing it up. This was the gown I shopped for months for, harangued the nice people at Elizabeth Fillmore over (I had to have fabric covered buttons), and wore on one of the best days of my life. I don’t imagine there will be too many other days in my life where I can don a floor length satin gown. That wouldn’t go over too well in the classroom.

But part of the reason I wanted to sell my dress is because I did love it so much. It’s a gorgeous designer gown I got through the generosity of my father-in-law, and I wanted another bride to have the opportunity to wear it without as steep of a price tag. I know the bride who wore will give it her own personal flair, and I can’t wait to see how she styles it!

I understand there are a lot of considerations for brides who make this decision, so I decided to put together a few of the other options I came across in my decision making process.

Keep the dress, but change it up. I already posted about Sheri from Young House Love – I think her idea to dye her wedding dress so she could wear it again is genius. I did consider doing this with my dress as well, but even in another color my gown would be too formal for anything other than black tie!

Donate the dress. There are lots of organizations out there that provide dresses to brides who can’t afford them, and you can find a few here and here.

– Get creative. I’ve heard of brides using the fabric from their dress to create pieces of art, tablecloths, you name it. Or you could do something similar to the Thousand Dollar Dress project which I think is pretty awesome.

Trash it. For those brides who don’t mind getting dirty, the Trash the Dress trend can make for some pretty amazing pictures, and at least you get to wear it again!

Obviously, I chose to sell my dress and I’ve been really happy (despite a few seconds of separation anxiety) with that choice. I used OnceWed and it was easy to use and quick – I had lots of inquiries about the dress within just a few days and the responses were easy to manage.

What do you plan to do with your dress?


23 Responses to “What to do with The Dress”

  1. Mireya Says:

    I know exactly how you feel/felt! I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my dress so in the mean time, I had it cleaned and packaged up. Now, if I ever decide to sell it, at least it has been preserved!

  2. I’ve so had this discussion with many brides and many wedding vendors. Quite the dilemma. Love your thoughts!

  3. […] dress? Want to keep it but don’t want it to just stay stored away in your closet? Check out BridalCheek as she shares more great ideas on what you can do with your dress after your […]

  4. Dina Says:

    Great ideas! Mine is still sitting in a bag deep in my closet! I might just dig it out now!

  5. Good idea, as you will never wear the dress again.

  6. missyap Says:

    lol. Love the dress. Funny story so I have been pretty sick and tried on the dress recently and now… it fits! perfectly. Except you are much taller than me. Now all I have to do is mantain the weight. Maybe I should just not eat for the next 6 months (just kidding!).

  7. Kate Says:

    Just a flash-forward – my grandmother saved her dress from 1952. She passed away years ago, but we saved the dress. Now I’m getting married and altering her dress (actually making it a skirt). It’s still beautiful and is sentimental. You never know!

  8. Tom Sparks Says:

    My wife still has her dress safe and clean. Maybe our daughter will wear it some day. But I love it when brides do th TTD session after the wedding.

  9. Jay Says:

    I think trash the dress sessions are perfect!! you get some amazing photographs that you would never have otherwise!!

    Picasso Perfect Photography

  10. we have many examples of trash the dress sessions on our site

  11. Terry Says:

    I plan on keeping mine to give to my future daughter!

  12. Trash the dress photo shoots are fun and you can get some really creative images. I love the water theme, movement in water can be so amazing to capture and wedding dresses usually have so many dimensions the movement is great! Wonderful share!

  13. Melissa Says:

    I love the idea of selling the dress or donating the dress. What a great way to make another brides day, who otherwise not be able to afford such a dress. Kindness is alway a great way to go.

  14. bridal girl Says:

    Well, I actually still have my dress carefully stored in my room till now. And so far with my six years of marriage, my wedding dress have been borrowed four times by friends and relatives of mine. I have a great gown that I am proud off and I haven’t thought of selling it yet.

  15. Great Pic. I loven them underwater. Here you can see some more wedding photos – trash the dress – under water. you will like them too.

  16. My idea would be to donate the wedding dress because there are so many people in these difficult financial times that would be so grateful of the opportunity to wear a fabulous dress that the donor paid a fortune for. Alternatively, create other garments from it so that it lives on. It’s only a “thing” after all and the memories of the wedding day will last forever.

  17. Cyndi Says:

    Im getting married on 25th April 2011, and i’ve also been thinking about the dress after the wedding. I don’t want to store it in the closet forever since i won’t be able to wear it again, but at the same time I hate to give it away. Let’s see what the future holds for “the dress” πŸ™‚

  18. I just got married but am not ready to donate or sell my dress…… So for now its gonna sit in my closet…. Till I can part from it…lol

  19. Rosemary Says:

    My daughter utilized her dress by making a christening dress for her first born daughter. I thought this linked one item of love t another beautifully.

  20. brenda Says:

    Hi….I just want you to know, that I have used my dress over and over again….How you say? Up until 2008 my husband and I hosted a marriage cruise (11 years total)

    One of the most talked about events, was the vow renewal. Everyone was encouraged to bring something dressy – some wore bridal gowns – some just wore something appropriate…Although it was dingy…I still wore mine….(I’m just glad I could still squeeze in it) πŸ™‚

  21. Susan Says:

    I found my dress from my first wedding in my grandmother’s closet this summer. I totally trashed it using a model for a zombie shoot. You can see the blog post here:

    I plan on doing a trash the dress shoot with my dress from my wedding in May of 2010 by doing something totally awesome. I have been thinking about it but still don’t the perfect shoot planned yet.

  22. Rosemary Says:

    With so many people struggling to makes ends meet then why not organize a raffle with the dress as the prize. Proceeds from the raffle could then be kept or donated to charity.

  23. Rings Dublin Says:

    Love the idea of doing something different with a wedding dress – so much better than putting it in a box and leaving it there for years. Meant to be worn and enjoyed

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