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Half a million? Really? September 24, 2009

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I just came across this on CocoPerez and had to post – wedding planner David Tutera has created this frothy, bedazzled concoction that is dripping with platinum, diamonds and pearls. It only costs $500,000. Even on a model it looks ill fitting and gaudy. And it costs half a million dollars. I’ll say it again, really?


39 Responses to “Half a million? Really?”

  1. Hmm. Was it hand stitched by Franciscan monks and each pearl sought by mermaids?

  2. Suzanne Says:

    I totally agree…really? I wonder if celebrities might also think its too expensive???!!

  3. T Says:

    House or dress…house or dress….hmmmmm let me think! hahah
    Brides to be check out this cool contest… ( its free)

  4. Angie 411 Says:

    Lol that’s funny anna. Mermaids!

    It’s certainly not my style of dress and at that price… No Thanks!

  5. kirsten Says:


    i sell vintage inspired, crystal embellished, handmade bridal sashes and headbands that your readers would love!!!

    www. kirstenkuehndesigns . etsy. com

  6. Thought I would share with you some photos of my little sister’s wedding. Have a great Christmas x

  7. TyingSoon Says:

    That dress really is too expensive for anyone I know. I don’t think it’s just worth it to spend on something like that. When I was choosing my dress I took pictures of my choice of dress and posted it onto my website. By the way, if you don’t have a website yet, you can create one at; I had people choose the best dress based on looks, I ended up with the cheapest kind. Expensive may not always be the best.

  8. Kim Says:

    You’re right – it looks like crap and who would pay half a million to look like crap?? That model must be a size 0 and she looks like a 10.

  9. Pat Says:

    Great blog, keep sharing your insights.

  10. Carico Says:

    I acutally think it is a pretty dress but for 1 million I think i will do without and I have seen better ones for $200!

  11. Christina Says:

    Omg. that dress is hideous! i thought that model was plus-sized… not a good sign

    is anyone here recently engaged?? They should definitely check out the giveaway that crate and barrel are doing. $100,000 dollars for a lucky couple. My fiance and i are already compiling a story! wish me luck!

  12. Marilyn Says:

    After seeing this I suddenly feel compelled to tell my dress-success story to bring back the faith this half-a-million-dollar- blunder has caused for all of us πŸ™‚ Just a helpful tid-bit of info for any brides to be. Being such a happy bride I feel obliged to share my expirience so hopefully all other women can have the success finding a dress as I did with Romona Keveza. I was recently married in a beautiful Romona Keveza couture gown and I could not have been more pleased with it. The fabric, the fit, everything! It was so flattering even on my less than perfect figure…With all the hectic planning around my wedding, this dress was one thing I didn’t worry about. My Romona Keveza gown made my wedding day amazing πŸ™‚ Wish the same luck to all future brides. xo

  13. Lynn Says:

    i can’t imagine why anyone would pay 500K for a wedding dress.

  14. Kelly Says:

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  15. Amberdawn Says:

    Eh. It’s not BAD, but certainly doesn’t look worth that price. Maybe it’s as comfortable as sweat pants, or maybe when you put it on it magically makes you look like Kirstie Alley when she was young and thin. Who knows.

  16. It’s nice to see the contrast of the red flowers and the white dress. Anything as simple and special as this should well be encouraged.

  17. April Says:

    I think the dress is too expensive.It’s not worth it. The wedding dress doesn’t look like a million dollars to me. The jewels that are sewed on the dress are the reasons why it costs so much. The design isn’t that spectacular either.

  18. bessie Says:

    I think the blog is good

  19. errt Says:

    The Lezzy Awards are an all lesbian blog award hosted by The Lesbian Lifestyle Blog.

  20. Diane Says:

    Definitely too rich for my blood! (and not really my taste either!)

  21. $500K? Spit in the bucket. It is beautiful but so is the model.

  22. Thanks for sharing. Red and white make a modern look.

  23. Amazing i really appreciate your efforts.

  24. Love the red and white look. The bright red flowers give the perfect look of elegance.

  25. banquet hall Says:

    i can’t imagine why anyone would pay 500K for a wedding dress.
    Thanks for post..

  26. Rosemary Says:

    I remembered the saying “You can fool people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time” Perhaps the designers of this dress are looking for the fools who have more money than sense.

  27. Hm, pretty pricey. Nice dress nonetheless. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Ruby Gray's Says:

    Oh dear, this is really ugly in more ways than one. A testament to bad taste!

  29. I personally have to think that you could have negotiated price on this one better. Nonetheless everyone loves a gown differently and you should always go with what meets your taste on such a magical day.

    Thank you for sharing!

  30. Forgot to include what you can buy for 500,000 for those that need this in retrospect. Yeah that is right its the 1989 real batmobile baby! haha

  31. Seems a bit much all right but is pretty

  32. incredible, it seems that there really are people with too much money in the world!!!!

  33. well, the dress is stunning but half a million?! No!

  34. John Maclane Says:

    Awesome dress…i think its so costly but i buy similar dress from with affordable prize/

  35. Katty M Says:

    Really beautiful dress. But expensive!!!!
    How about wedding bouquets? One flower shop in Coquitlam B.C. is quite good: Coquitlam Davie Flowers

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