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Writing Your Own Ceremony August 14, 2009

Over a year ago, I wrote a post outlining my goals for writing our ceremony. Since I love to write and I wanted to make our ceremony as personalized as possible, this was my favorite “project” even though at times it was overwhelming. There was just so much I wanted to express in under 20 minutes. Even though there were still sentences I might have tweaked, Drew and I were both really happy with the result and I thought I would our process with you if you’re also planning to write your own ceremony. So let’s revisit my original goals:

1) Alternative Wedding Blessing – We did end up going with the Apache Wedding Blessing which has a spiritual as opposed to religious message.

2) Interesting Readings – Drew and I both searched until we found something that we found meaningful. I ended up with a passage from The Little Prince, one of my favorite stories, and Drew chose an Ayn Rand reading. If you’re also considering unusual readings you can check out Offbeat Bride, Credit Crunch Bride, or this article for some great ideas. I also checked out from this book from the library which had endless ideas organized with an easy to use index.

3) Personal Vows – After several long discussions, we decided to keep our vows very simple. A lot of couples chose to write their own vows to each other, but we liked the idea of making each other promises we had decided on together. I have a whole post planned on how to write vows so stay tuned!

4) Thank Yous – We also kept this very simple, by trying to express how much we appreciated everyone’s love and support at the beginning of the ceremony. The sentiment here was inspired by the script of a handfasting ceremony.

“Bride and Groom have asked you to be here today because each of you has made a unique and lasting impression on their lives. They know that making the journey took considerable effort for many of you and for this they are grateful. Your support, your friendship, and your love helped to make Bride and Groom who they needed to be to find first themselves – and then each other.”

5) Length – I never got an official statement about what our ceremony clocked in at, but I’m pretty sure it was about twenty minutes. We were ready to party!

If you’d like me to send you a full script of our ceremony (I had some friends who did this for us and it was very helpful when I was brainstorming) just comment below!


Centerpiece Sneak Peek June 23, 2009

So far I only have one picture of one of three types of centerpieces that we had at our wedding (thanks to my fellow teachers!) but I couldn’t resist a sneak peek. I can’t even begin to say how much fun I had working with Dee and Amanda at Petals & Leaves. I’m sure that I’ll continue to rave about their work when I get the detail shots from our photographer, but for now I’ll just say that I went to them with all sorts of crazy ideas (because that’s what happens when you’ve been reading wedding blogs for a year right?) and not only were they supportive and enthusiastic but they took my thoughts to the next level. This custom designed screen you see behind us with damask elements and orchids strung through it began as a vague thought about a “screen of flowers.” It turned out so well, even though we ended up inside instead of outside. In fact, I think it juxtaposed even better with the classic vintage appeal of Derby Court, giving it that modern twist we were going for.


And here is the shot of centerpiece one: a tall hurricane vase turned upside down with uplighting from the bottom, moss, flowers, green apples, and metallic curly willow spraying out of the top. I was blown away when I saw them! They were the one type of tall centerpieces we had, and they definitely added dimension and visual interest in such a huge room. Plus since the vases were thin and clear, people could still have conversations through them which was one of our main priorities. I’ll add pictures of the rest of their fabulous floral details as soon as I have them!



Etsy Find: First Comes Love January 9, 2009

Oh, Etsy how I love you. I was casually browsing last night with a vague notion of looking for a ring bearer pillow, and found the perfect one! Not only was it a steal ($10 people!) but the owner was fabulous, e-mailing me back within seconds and scouring her house for the perfect shade of green ribbon. It definitely beats trying to sew ribbon on a pillow myself, since I am sewing challenged. This store also features a variety of damask table and aisle runners, which I’m already eyeing for the rehearsal dinner!


A Woodland Wedding October 26, 2008

Surfing through the Knot boards, I came across the gorgeous wedding of Mrs. Daffodil. This couple managed to incorporate rustic elegance and vibrant colors in every detail without it coming off as kitschy, and the overall effect is beautiful. They also share their personalized ceremony on the site, which is really helpful if you’re looking for some tips to write your own non-religious script. They even did a wine sharing ceremony in lieu of a unity candle, which seems much more appealing to me somehow 🙂


Our Ceremony – The Saga (part I) August 3, 2008

Maybe I’m being a tad overdramatic with this title, but if the research I’ve done so far is any indication, writing our own ceremony entirely from scratch is going to be quite the undertaking. Not that I’m having second thoughts. And not that I mind the time commitment, because for us it was an easy decision to create our own ceremony, being the non-religious, informal, and slightly quirky people that we are.

I have plenty of vague ideas, and we’ve had several in depth talks about what we want the overall feeling of the ceremony to be, and what elements we’d like to include. In no particular order:

1) Possibly some traditions from other cultures, like the Apache wedding blessing (which I love).

2) Interesting readings. I like the idea of Drew and I each picking one, knowing that I’ll probably use something from literature, and he’ll probably choose a quote from philosophy.

3) Personal vows. This isn’t groundbreaking by any means, but Drew and I both agree that we’ll forgo memorizing anything, because neither of us have will have the presence of mind to do anything other than repeat back to the judge when the day is (finally!) here.

4) Some creative way of thanking our family and friends.

5) And the whole shebang in our opinion shouldn’t last longer than about twenty minutes.

So obviously, translating our hodgepodge of ideas into some sort of format that flows is a slightly daunting task, even if it is one I’m very excited about. Has anyone else written their own ceremony? What ideas and/or sources did you use?