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Vintage Millinery Flowers September 18, 2008

A lot of brides like to dress up their wedding hairstyle with flowers, but depending on the quality and where you buy (and how encrusted it is with Swarovski crystals) one ornament can cost up to $150. I know because I’ve looked! If you’re shopping around for something similar, the Vintage Millinery Flowers Shoppe on Ebay is definitely worth a look. They have flowers, leaves, and feathers all out of vintage fabrics, and best of all almost everything in the store costs under $10.


Fall Fashion Forward Wedding September 8, 2008

Fall is far and away my favorite season. The crisp weather, Halloween, back to school (yes, I’m a nerd, a teacher, and a grad student), and best of all: issues of fashion magazines that weigh several pounds apiece. I subscribe to Vogue and Lucky, both of which I thought were particularly awesome this year. There are actually a lot of trends this year that I’m all about: deep purple and black color schemes, menswear inspired shoes, tartan plaids, sheer lavender tights, openwork knits…basically I’m in love with the “Gothic Inspired” feature in Vogue. So in that spirit, here is an inspiration board based on all of the above.

dress bridesmaid dress tartan boutteniere handwoven cape skinny tie martinis menswear mary janes roberto cavalli pumps circular ceremony black tree centerpiece black bottle candles plaid pashmina fascinator veil bridal bouquet


Wheatgrass Table Decor August 21, 2008

My first experience with wheatgrass was rather traumatic. One of my friend’s extremely health conscious mothers thought that wheatgrass was like Windex in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” – it cures everything. So without any explanation I was handed a shot glass full of pulpy, foamy green liquid and expected to toss it back like a Washington Apple. I could come up with some long and fanciful description of exactly how horrible it tasted, but really, it just tasted exactly like it looked. Green and gross. I’ve heard all about the fantastic health benefits, but since then I’ve avoided wheatgrass like the plague. Until now.

This table decor is chic and fresh without being overdone, mostly thanks to the darling wheatgrass centerpieces. And as long as the wheatgrass stays in the dirt, with no convenient comments like, “I just bought you a juicer, and it’s right over there in that giftbox!” we should be good.


(W)edible Flowers July 3, 2008

While I love the idea of edible flowers (I’m a sucker for anything that combines fashion and function) I used to have a hard time imagining how to make the flowers look appetizing. Of course they’re pretty, and even though I’m definitely of the “eat organic and local as much as you can” school, the idea of just popping a pansy into my mouth from the backyard is a little intimidating. However, I think I could get over that fear pretty easily with inspiration from some of these florists. Incorporating edible flowers would not only be a cool novelty for your wedding, but a great conversation piece and eco friendly too if you do it right!

These miniature pecan muffins with crystallized pansies look adorable and delicious. They would make an unusual hors d’oeuvre, or a good wedding cake alternative. Floral Concepts also makes a wide array of entrees using edible flowers, if you happen to be in the Florida or DC area.

I’ve already written a lot about cupcakes as a desert alternative mostly because…I just love cupcakes. I think they’re just as decorative as a cake, and so much easier to serve. The addition of the flowers really dresses these up and makes them look more swanky.

If you do want to go the more traditional cake route, this lushly decorated cake from Osage Gardens would be a beautiful option. I’m sure you could also request that they use specific types of flowers to match your wedding colors or theme.


More Paper Flower Alternatives June 25, 2008

After a slight snafu with our new internet company, I am back online with plenty of new inspiration, including more paper flower ideas since I just can’t get enough of them.They work on so many levels, economically, creatively, ecologically….and more importantly they look so damn cute! This origami themed wedding featured on Offbeat Bride is absolutely gorgeous, and I love how all the paper items were handmade by the bride and her Mom. Obviously you would have to be a pretty skilled folder to pull this off, but if you have the talent what a cool labor of love to create your own decor by hand. My favorite would have to be the bouttenieres and the origami necklaces, which coincidentally you can buy online to help feed hungry families. It’s always nice when shopping and community service coincide!


Recyclable Chic June 17, 2008

While I knew paper was cheap, recyclable, and readily available I had no idea it could be such a versatile decorating tool. These two pictures of receptions with centerpieces are both fabulous, but at totally different ends of the spectrum.

This set up is all about elegance. The muted color palette is gorgeous and the paper flowers are incredible works of art. Even though they aren’t real, they make the table look lush and full and they can be used again or saved which is a definite perk.

This table setting blew me away because it manages to make crumpled up newspaper look posh and avant garde. While the overall effect is still refined, I think this look would definitely get your guests talking! I’m intrigued by this whole idea so I’ll be on the lookout for more paper wedding decor…


Blue Orchid Centerpiece Ideas June 12, 2008

One of my fellow teachers who is getting married in July asked me for some centerpiece ideas for her reception which will be at a gorgeous venue in downtown Columbus. Not only am I flattered because we’ve spent a lot of time sharing wedding details at work and she has fabulous taste, but I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to post some more floral inspiration since I think she is facing a dilemma that brides often struggle with.

After sticker shock at the florists, which is something I totally understand, she decided to use other more inexpensive materials to dress up her tables. Her original plan was to use blue orchids wrapped around the inside of a fishbowl filled with water and a floating candle on top, but something about the design just didn’t look right.

Without seeing it, I’m guessing that all the elements are competing with each other. A fishbowl is such a simple shape that usually only very minimalist flowers are used along with it, and the floating candle might seem out of place. I love the basics of the idea though, so here is a collection of ideas that will hopefully help reduce her last minute planning stress. I can’t wait to attend the wedding and post what she decided! I have no doubt the whole affair will be absolutely gorgeous.

Idea 1: Change the container shape

I think the fishbowl shape, while pretty is somewhat hard to work with. Cylindrical vases like these wouldn’t be much more expensive and are really elegant and streamlined with floating candles on top. You could either do a collection of different heights, or just one or two and scatter flowers on the table for more visual interest.

Idea 2: Use colored water

This would be incredibly inexpensive and I think the burning candle inside the turquoise water is a really cool effect. The website includes instructions on how to easily create the centerpiece yourself, and you could also add flowers either floating on the water or in between the two vases to incorporate the orchids.

Idea 3: Add branches for height

Another possible reason the fishbowl centerpiece wasn’t working could be the lack of height. Tall centerpieces definitely create more of an impact, although you do want to be aware that they can block conversation if you aren’t careful. Curly willow is a good element to use since you can get it cheaply and see through it enough to talk to the person across from you. I love how in this picture orchid blooms have been attached the the willow so it looks like a blooming branch. The advantage to this look would be you could really use any type of glass container as long as it was deep enough to hold up the willow.