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Handmade Invitations July 8, 2009

Remember the couple from A Picnic Wedding? Well, we just got our invitation (hand-delivered too!) this weekend. I love when an invitation sets the tone for an event, and this one did the job perfectly. Locally made recycled paper, earthy handcrafted details, and simple vintage font – absolutely perfect! The envelope was especially cool and had a great texture to it which you can’t see in the pictures. I can’t wait to attend!




Our Invitations! February 18, 2009

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Piece by piece this wedding is becoming a reality, and I couldn’t be more excited! Our latest step was to have Marit Hanson design our invitations. We wanted to continue the bold and modern feel of our fabulous save the dates, add a little bit of formality without being stuffy, and play with the damask pattern. Marit did all of that and more!


We wanted to keep it everything simple, from the wording to using an online RSVP system on our website. I absolutely love how they turned out, and as always Marit was perfection to work with. I can’t wait to start putting these bad boys together this weekend!


Buying in Bulk January 25, 2009

I’m not going to lie, when Drew casually mentioned that he wanted us to get a Costco membership I had a brief moment of panic. I stumbled over myself trying to give excuse after excuse (they won’t have enought organic food, how will we possibly store an 80 pound box of toilet paper etc) but my real problem was that a long time ago I filed Costco away in the “only if and when we have kids” segment of my brain. Still, I let Drew drag me along one Sunday afternoon to check it out. I was reasonably sure we wouldn’t find anything, and leave sans membership, with our early 20’s independent pride intact. Of couse I was wrong.

I won’t bore you with tales of all the fabulous organic items we found, the way cheaper energy efficient lightbulbs, or the eco-friendly showerhead we got totally excited about, because this is a wedding blog after all. And after one trip, my mind was already spinning with possibilities

Since we’re having an outdoor rehearsal dinner, I started eyeing up all the pre-prepared catering trays. You could easily cater a whole party or reception pretty economically, with food and booze, all from Costco. Their turkey wraps are pretty delicious, actually. And while we’re on the subject of food, you can definitely save money by filling up welcome bags with snacks and candy you bought in bulk.

Who knew Costco had wedding invitations? They have every type of wedding stationary imaginable, and some of it is dirt cheap. You could also make use of their Photolab to print thank you postcards or create a book of your wedding photos.

Or you could do like this bride, and order flowers from Costco which she says are cheaper than wholesale. I would trust her too, her wedding was so fresh, modern and gorgeous I’ll probably write up a whole feature about it later this week. If you can’t wait, go here to check out the rest of the pictures, they are amazing!


Wordle December 7, 2008

So I’m sure I’m way behind the times, but I just discovered and I think it’s pretty awesome. For those of you that are lagging behind the tech times like me, you can either put in a web address or type in your own text and create your own word art. The bridalcheek version looks like this:


My mind was immediately spinning with possibilities…you could make save the dates, thank you cards, table numbers, place cards, monograms, labels for out of town bags, anything really. And it’s free!



Our Save the Dates!!! October 22, 2008

We gave Marit Hanson just a few guidelines for our save the dates: our color scheme, and a vague idea that we wanted to use our engagement pictures and give an overall feel of “event” rather than “wedding” especially since we’re getting married in an art museum.

Marit is a dream to work with. Of course I expected great things because we immediately bonded over our mutual love of chartreuse and damask, but what I didn’t expect was how involved I felt in the process. She was completely open to playing with new ideas, excited about our suggestions, and patient with our inability to decide on a photo to use (Kitty Maer just gave us too many good ones to choose from!), not to mention lightning fast with her turnaround time.

So without further ado…

I cannot express how happy these make me! They’re the perfect preview for the fun, urban, modern wedding we’re hoping to have (and I kind of feel like a celebrity having my picture on them). I also found these cool stamps on that I think will really pop against the green envelopes.

We’re also using Marit for our invitations, and I can’t wait to see how those turn out too!!! Check out her Etsy store if you want to feel like a rock star too 🙂


White Aisle September 24, 2008

I’m sure this is old news in the wedding blogging world, but I love White Aisle! I don’t know how I went so long before discovering it, especially since the whole vintage/modern hybrid design of their site is right up my alley. I was especially impressed with their bridal jewelry: it looks expensive but almost all of the pieces are very affordable. 

These earrings look way more luxe than their $14.99 price tag.

One of the better do-it-yourself program kits I’ve seen that includes a printed cover and your choice of paper and ribbon color for $1.50 a pop.

Gorgeous handmade silk flowers could be used to dress up ringbearer pillows, centerpieces, or bridesmaid’s hair. They come in a variety of sizes and range from $10 to $20 each.



Marit Hanson Weddings July 20, 2008

Finding vendors in Columbus has been remarkably easy. Too easy I would say, if it wasn’t for the fact that I have a fairly defined idea of what I’m looking for number one, and number two the internet is a girl’s best wedding planning friend these days.

As soon as I saw Marit Hanson’s awesome concert poster save the dates on Junebug weddings, I was smitten. Then I found out that not only does she have a whole range of invitations on Etsy that range from classic to modern to whimsical, but she just happens to live in Columbus. It was meant to be!

We met with Marit to talk about our invitations and gave her a whole range of scattered ideas. We know we want something unusual and bold, with possibly an art spin on the concert poster since our wedding is at a museum. Basically we gave her free rein, because judging from her work she will come up with something fabulous! Here are some samples of her work, and for more you can also check out her Etsy store.