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Wedding Teasers from Kitty Maer June 30, 2009

This morning while stopped at a red light, I decided to check my email on my iPhone. Big mistake. Because there it was, the first of many emails I’ve been dreaming about since we first hired Kitty Maer, photographer extroadinaire! The temptation to endanger myself and other drivers by immediately oohing and aahing over our teaser pictures was overwhelming, but somehow I pulled myself together and made it to work safely. These are what I got to feast my eyes on – we aren’t celebrities, rock stars, or models but Kitty makes us look like it! Such is her genius 🙂


We’ve all been in/to lots of weddings at this point so everyone wasn’t used to not having to pose since we wanted more candid shots – but our ring bearer is a pro!


A close up of my gorgeous green monochromatic bouquet from Petals & Leaves.


We normally aren’t good in front of the camera but Kitty can coax amazing shots out of anyone.


I love this GQ one of Drew in front of the awesome bunny statue!



I’m Back! June 15, 2009

I know, I know. Like so many other wedding bloggers, a month before the big day I disappeared, lost in an endlessly growing pile of placecards, forms to sign, details to tweak, and minor moments of panic to manage. In the home stretch of our wedding, I kept telling people I felt like a secretary, or maybe air traffic controller would be a better comparison. For those of you still waiting for the big day, be prepared to answer more emails, make more phone calls, and do more busy work that you imagine possible.


But. It was absolutely, completely, so totally worth it. Again, like other wedding bloggers I’m going to tell you that the day went perfectly. Did it, in actual fact? Well we ended up having our ceremony inside rather than out due to overcast skies (I am a Seattle girl, it’s only appropriate). But I think partly because I began this whole process with a go-with-the-flow attitude and also because our venue is just so amazing it worked out better. The whole night was a whirlwind of friends, family, vintage modern decor and details, ice cream, soul band….I could do it over and over again!


However, I’m back from the best honeymoon ever and ready to settle down to enjoying married life and of course, if you know me, a new and growing list of goals. But not before I recap those details that I missed out on sharing with you all the last few weeks! I’ve got lots of DIY projects, tips, and anecdotes to share, not to mention some wedding paraphenalia that can be used again. I’ll be selling my table numbers, dress, ring bearer pillow, and various other items so stay tuned!


In the meantime I’ll leave you with a teaser picture of our reveal from our artistic genius of a photographer, Kitty Maer. I absolutely cannot wait to see the footage she shot from our day, and neither can the rest of our guests – in fact one of my two fabulous Maids of Honor recently compared her to crack. In a good way of course 🙂


Our New Toy April 7, 2009

To commemorate Drew’s last mid-twenties birthday, his grandparents, dad, and I all went in together to get him a solution to the serious camera envy he’s been experiencing ever since the last wedding we went to where he played with a Canon Rebel.

Behold the Nikon D-40:


When we bought it today, our salesperson immediately lapsed into a foreign language rattling off words and abbreviations like “aperture,” “ISO,” and “granularity.” Drew nodded knowingly, while I became increasingly terrified that I would a) never be able to turn the camera on, much less take a decent picture b) these words also double as some password to the elitist photography underground or c) I am going to drop it. But all my fears quickly dissolved when I realized that the camera is not only user-friendly but really cool to use. Sure, I’m only pointing and shooting right now, but regardless we spent an awesome afternoon walking around German Village snapping pictures of everything in sight.

What does this have to do with weddings? Well, besides my urge to take creative pictures of my ring, I’m in the midst of a ton of DIY projects right now, so now I have the equipment to document it all in high res 🙂 For now I’ll leave you with a few of our beginning efforts. We have a lot to learn, but I think this will be a perfect new hobby for us to share.







Vintage Glam November 17, 2008

It took about two seconds of scrolling through Amanda’s VintageGlam site for me to realize it was going to one of my new favorite wedding blogs. The site is full of creative ways to incorporate a vintage flair into your wedding, whether it’s with your fonts, fashion, or do it yourself projects.

And then I saw the pictures of her own wedding…they are so absolutely gorgeous and filled with lovely details that I’ll just let them speak for themselves!


Engagement Picture Teasers – aka An Ode to Kitty Maer September 28, 2008

Oh. My. GOODNESS. Kitty Maer is forcing me to do all sorts of things I never do, like add periods in between words and type in all caps, because that is the only way I can attempt to describe how much I adore our engagement teasers. Drew and I wanted pictures that reflected us, the way we usually are (although without our normal camera awkwardness of course). We strolled around our neighborhood, window-shopping and eating ice cream while Kitty followed us, working her magic. It was such a fun and relaxed experience, and I am beyond excited to see the rest of the pictures! You can check out more examples of Kitty’s genius at her blog.

We’re actually standing in an overgrown garden at an abandoned school, but I love how the filtered light and soft colors make it look like our own little urban oasis.

.I’ve already changed my mind approximately eight hundred times, but I really think this one might be my favorite.

One of the original inspirations for our pictures was a funky upside down mural of American Gothic, so we tried to channel the faces here…it lasted about two seconds before we starting cracking up, so Kitty must have Spiderman-like reaction time!

I love how my feet are a little blurred, because I have to take about three steps for every step Drew takes. Stupid tall people…

Sigh…this picture is so romantic it makes me warm and fuzzy inside.


A Pink and Orange Reception August 26, 2008

Speaking of Kiso Fotografia, how about these gorgeous pictures of a venue I very nearly chose for our reception, the North Bank Pavilion. The problem or perk with this place, depending on your mindset, is that it comes as an entirely blank slate. It’s just a room. With enormous windows and lots of metal. This bride warmed up the place with bright coral colors and fabulous hanging paper flowers that I am totally in love with. Her pearl beaded headband, which is like a tiara but with a more grown-up vintage vibe is adorable as well.


Fabric Backdrop August 24, 2008

For the last week my mom has been in from Seattle, which has been wonderful because she was able to see in person what she’s only seen in pictures: the venue, the dress, everything. Drew and I are incredibly fortunate in that all of our family members are of the “if it makes you happy, it makes us happy” school of wedding planning, which has been so amazing. My mom loved everything we’ve planned so far, and was very sweet in helping us strategize about 30 different ceremony set-ups at the sculpture garden.

The dilemma (and actually dilemma is the wrong word because I love a challenge) is that because it is a sculpture garden right in the middle of downtown we have a few obstacles to work with. One is the abundance of large sculptures (obviously) that are gorgeous but prevent your typical ceremony set-up. The other is the way that most couples face is in front of a  backdrop including a pretty wrought iron fence, a beautiful historic church and…traffic. I love the urban aspect of our wedding, but I think it just hit me on this visit that a semi roaring past during our vows might be a tad distracting. This is how one fellow CMA bride solved both problems:

photograph by Kiso Fotographia

She draped white fabric over the fence and made a short aisle that turned off to the side when it hit the statue in the center of the garden (you can just see the corner of it in the photo). I think this set-up is gorgeous although rather than white solid fabric I’m considering doing sheer panels…enough to soften the effect of the road, but so you can still see the church. We could have the company that is taking care of our chairs and linens design something, but I almost wonder if something simple like these panels from Target, would work. Has anyone tried something similar?


Matching-Sweater-Free-Zone July 8, 2008

I (sort of) get why couples choose matching outfits for their engagement pictures. I can easily imagine the “it looks better” and “it shows that we do everything together” explanations, and of course the tried and true wedding justification “but it’s just so cute !”

I understand wanting to coordinate somewhat but I feel like engagement pictures should portray who you are as a couple. And I’m pretty sure most couples today don’t wander around in identical jeans and turtlenecks. The exception to this rule are the adorable old couples with their matching windsuits…maybe that’s where Drew and I are headed (and that would make me very happy) but we’re definitely not there now!

We have our engagement session scheduled for next week and being the avid shopper that I am, I had my outfit planned months ago. Drew will probably pick out his outfit the day of, which is completely fine because he’s a pretty classy dresser and generally shies away from trends and potentially clashing colors. My hope is that we look the way we naturally do when we go out for dinner or a night on the town, taking into consideration the general tips from our photographer (no neon colors, really graphic prints etc). These couples seemed to have the same inspiration, and I love the way their pictures turned out!

He looks completely comfortable in jeans and a polo, and I adore her burgundy minidress with tights and boots. If it wasn’t hellishly hot and humid here I probably would have done something similar! Picture by Blue Olive Photography.

Another darling dress, but she has personalized the look with a chunky necklace and he looks great in a simple short sleeved button down. In some of the other pictures, the blue of her dress really pops against his white shirt. Picture by Lauren Slusher Photography.

And of course I had to include another Kitty couple. The casual look they both have is adorable, plus it allowed them to take some really sweet and playful shots around downtown Columbus which you can check out on Kitty’s blog.


Fashion as Art: Madina Vadache July 4, 2008

I remember being completely confused by couture runway shows when I was younger. While I was in awe of the theatrical make up, gorgeous colors and pulsing Euro-pop soundtracks, I couldn’t imagine people actually wearing the stuff…was Europe really a place where you could wander down the street in a flouncy chiffon cocktail dress with thigh high leather bondage boots and cyber doll make-up? Part of me hoped so.

Of course as I’ve gotten older and hopefully wiser I’ve realized that while the odd socialite personality or celebrity will wear the more over the top looks straight off the runway, for the most part fashion shows are like a living breathing art gallery. Which is a really cool concept, especially if you enjoy the spectacle of it and can read between the lines. I love perusing all the shows online trying to pick out what colors were most popular, what overall trends might be coming back, deciding whether anyone will actually be brave enough to pull off the minuscule sequined hot pants or whatever the “it” item of the season happens to be.

So where is all this coming from you ask? I can sum it up with this picture.

I came across Madina Vadache’s site unexpectedly and was immediately intrigued by this picture (how couldn’t you be?).  Aesthetically the picture is beautiful I think, I love the set, the pose, the delicate lace, the lighting etc. However, would I want my nipples showing on my wedding day? I think not. But if bridal couture is subject to the same rules as regular couture, this picture should be generally inspiring, not necessarily a realistic depiction of what a bride would really wear. Unless she is a seriously gutsy chick.

After my initial surprise wore off, I continued through the rest of the site and fell in love with her designs almost immediately. Her wedding gowns are intricate and ethereal with a definite vintage feel. However, I have to say that my all time favorite is her ready to wear collection. It’s a mix of all my favorite elements from other designers, the tweed of Chanel with the ruffles of Dior with a sort of dark Parisian theme. Needless to say I will be keeping an eye on her upcoming collections, especially the bridal. Instead of the usual rustic field of flowers or plain white backgrounds, it’s nice to see someone pushing the envelope a little with bridal photography even if it does raise eyebrows at first.

* I have to add that after writing this I realized that Madina is working out of Seattle and all the fabulous photography was done by La Vie Photography which one of the founders of Junebug Weddings runs…I love it!


Introducing our Fabulous Photographer May 30, 2008

We only met with one photographer for our wedding, because it was pretty much love at first sight. One of my biggest wedding pet peeves are marathon posed photograph sessions that look stiff and unnatural. Kitty Maer, our photographer, used to work in the fashion industry in New York so all of her work has that editorial feel to it. She’s also incredibly adaptable to the needs of the couple, and in our case has agreed to do mostly candid shots. I think it also helped that she always adds an artistic shot of the bride’s shoes 🙂 We’re doing an engagement session with her this summer, which she likens to following us on a date and capturing us as we normally are. We’re planning to stroll around our favorite neighborhood downtown where they are lots of murals and cute boutiques for some funky urban shots. I can’t wait to see how they turn out! Just so you can see what I’m raving about, here is a snapshot of some of her work. Obviously I’m a little biased, but I think her blog is also a great read and full of gorgeous inspiration and ideas!