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Art Deco Earrings January 19, 2009

I’ve always loved Art Deco anything, so pretty early on I planned on keeping my eye out for jewelry (vintage or reproduction) from that era. My dress has a 1940s Hollywood vibe, so I figured some semi-dramatic earrings would be perfect since the rest of my jewelry is pretty minimal. I already snagged a fabulous citrine brooch from the 1940s to pin the sash at the back of my dress, and these are a few options I’m considering for earrings:


So pretty, and I love the baguette shapes at the bottom. These are $120 at Jardin Jewelry.

These Gwenyth earrings from Anna Bellagio are probably my favorite right now. I love the delicate shape they have and they’re the cheapest at $68!

Oh, Isaac Manevitz I love pretty much everything you design, and these are no exception.

Of course, I could always be a little more authentic with vintage screwback earrings. These are currently up on Ebay for a highest bid of $9.99!