a journey toward non-traditional wedded bliss, with style

Dahl by Allison Kelly October 2, 2008

Anyone as Project Runway obsessed as myself right remember Alison Kelly from last season, even though she was kicked off fairly early. I stumbled across her new line today, which features some interesting dresses with jewelry built right in, as well as romantic crocheted tops and kimono style wraps. I also discovered that she will custom design wedding and bridesmaid dresses, as she did here for her sister’s wedding. What stands out to me about this picture, though, is not the dresses as much as the bouquets. I love how they’re all similar in size and how the colors are clumped together. I think it makes for a much more modern effect than having perfectly symmetrical arrangements. Since we’re having our first meeting with a florist on Monday, this is probably a look I’ll keep in mind!


Flowers for all Seasons March 18, 2008

I love monochromatic bouquets, which is what I was searching for when I stumbled on this pretty sweet site called 1,000 Petals. Not exactly what I was looking for, but cool nonetheless! My favorite feature is that you can search their designs by season, and a lot of their work has a cool Asian flair to it. My favorite section was Autumn, especially these photos of a bold green and orange color scheme. Not something that sounds great on paper, but it looks really fresh and vibrant the way they’ve put the colors together. They have lots of other great floral and decor inspiration if you’re in need of a distraction at work or just for fun!