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Alice in Wonderland Revisited August 9, 2009

We all know how much I love Alice in Wonderland, so I was doubly happy to discover a new sweetly snarky wedding blogger who also appreciates a quirky themed wedding. Credit Crunch Bride shares her thoughts on how just such a theme is perfectly suited for brides with a budget:

“So, here’s the secret. If your wedding isn’t being planned by The World’s Leading Wedding Planner with a diploma in Co-ordinating Colours, and is rather more of the budget variety, the Alice in Wonderland theme could be for you. It excuses all sorts of ridiculous randomness, wonky home-made cakes, mismatching decorations and strange behaviour. In fact, it encourages it.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself! And pardon my randomness, but I just love the word “wonky.” Check out the full article to see a collection of awesome Alice inspired boards, including the above one with the perhaps the most enviable wedding Louboutins of all time!


Fall Fashion Forward Wedding September 8, 2008

Fall is far and away my favorite season. The crisp weather, Halloween, back to school (yes, I’m a nerd, a teacher, and a grad student), and best of all: issues of fashion magazines that weigh several pounds apiece. I subscribe to Vogue and Lucky, both of which I thought were particularly awesome this year. There are actually a lot of trends this year that I’m all about: deep purple and black color schemes, menswear inspired shoes, tartan plaids, sheer lavender tights, openwork knits…basically I’m in love with the “Gothic Inspired” feature in Vogue. So in that spirit, here is an inspiration board based on all of the above.

dress bridesmaid dress tartan boutteniere handwoven cape skinny tie martinis menswear mary janes roberto cavalli pumps circular ceremony black tree centerpiece black bottle candles plaid pashmina fascinator veil bridal bouquet


A Toile Wedding July 1, 2008

I’ve always been attracted to toile, which is a little surprising because overall my tastes definitely lean toward modern rather than country. The toile print you see most often is a white background with blue, black, green or red farm and country scenes that “tell a story” but after looking it up, toile can really be any sort of intricate pattern against a flat background. The first kind of toile is known as Toile de Jouy and comes from 17th century France, which explains why it is usually used in more classic European country decor.

This all started because I was researching different types of fabric to use for a set of retro dining chairs we’re reupholstering, but since I always have wedding on the brain I immediately started picturing a toile wedding. Instead of just using one type of toile I wanted to incorporate a lot of different patterns, colors, and textures to make a modern garden affair. Even though this is entirely the opposite direction than we are going for our wedding, I have to say this is actually my favorite inspiration board that I’ve done so far…maybe we’ll use this theme when we renew our vows? (Poor Drew, by the way, I say that about every wedding element I love that we won’t be able to cram into this one and he just smiles patiently).

vase, fans, invitations, garden, birds, necklace, wedding gown, reception, bridesmaid dress, shoes, bouquet, cupcakes, candles,


In the mood for travel June 7, 2008

I’m leaving for a long overdue trip to Florida tomorrow morning to visit my best friend from college and I am absolutely ecstatic. She lives close to Siesta Key which is one of the most naturally beautiful places I have ever been, and this is coming from my pale, non-tropical, temperate climate loving self.

To keep my excitement at fever pitch, I’ve been trolling the web for beach and tropical wedding inspiration, which led me to another blog gem called Style Fragments. Their mood boards are incredibly chic and just slightly avant garde which I love. My favorites so far are their different spin on Art Deco, Indie Bride, Grecian, and in the spirit of my trip Coral.


Non-Obnoxious Nautical June 1, 2008

I think nautical themed weddings always get a bad rap in movies. Surfing the channels last night I caught the clip of Wedding Crashers (which by the way is one of the few rated R for ridiculous comedies I love) where Claire’s sister is pledging to be her husband’s first mate. It doesn’t get much more campy than this:

“I, Craig,

take you, Christina,

to be my wife
my best friend
and my first mate…

through sickness and health,
clear skies and squalls.
I, Christina,

take you, Craig,
to be my best friend,

and my captain…
to be your anchor
and your sail…

…your starboard
and your port
You may kiss
the first mate.”

Fairly hilarious, but probably not what most people would have in mind for their vows. Then I remembered another classic movie moment from what else, but Clueless. At the very end of the movie when all of the girls are discussing their future weddings, Dionne has the brilliant idea of
adorning all of her bridesmaids in “little sailor hats, but like with veils.”

Neither of these movies make the nautical theme out to be very stylish, and typically I would agree. The preppy Hamptons style is fairly alien to me, and I would usually never peg it as a good wedding theme although I have seen it done well on other wedding sites. That said, just for fun I put together some images of what could be a non-obnoxious nautical wedding. Let’s see if Hollywood catches on…

welcome bag, chairs, reception, parasols, centerpiece , bridesmaid dress, shoes, cufflinks, bouquet, invitations, cupcakes


Black, White, and Green May 27, 2008

If I didn’t already think that black, white, and green was the perfect color scheme for my wedding, these pictures would just about convince me. The black fabric buttons, bubble hem bridesmaid dresses, textured green bouquets, and graphic text cake are all absolutely fabulous. Thank you Life.Love.Lipstick for making my day!

Photographed by SugarLove Weddings


A Marriage of Primary Colors May 19, 2008

I love experimenting with different color schemes for weddings, which is somewhat ironic because my own wedding will be primarily black and white. However, I thought it would be cool to use primary colors as a motif for an inspiration board. Obviously this is somewhat of a challenge since yellow, red, and blue together usually reminds me of Legos, playgrounds, and generally everything kid-like. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but probably not the look most people want for their wedding.

I went with a bold red and more subtle yellows and blues for an outdoor picnic theme. I think the overall effect is quirky and sophisticated and I like that it doesn’t seem too “done” like when you go to a wedding a see literally only one or two colors on everything down to the tiniest detail. Even though my colors are basic my goal is to add interest with lots of different textures. This is just another way to go about it!

flowers, wedding gown, bridesmaid dress, daisies, decor, decor, suit, ring pillow, shoes