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Lampshade Centerpieces July 16, 2008

So this post is going to require a little imagination and a lot of patience for my Photoshop skills. Flipping through the channels the other night, I saw a snippet of a wedding reception where the centerpieces featured lampshades. I couldn’t find the picture online, but I figured this was too good of an idea to pass up. Everyone knows by now that I love unconventional materials in centerpieces, and this is another option that is unexpectedly stylish and possibly very budget friendly too. In this very basic example the lampshades are from Urban Outfitters and the vases are from Target, but really you could do some very creative variations of this idea. Funky mismatched antique lampshades, candles in the vases for soft light, and flowers coming out the top of the shades are just a few…I would love to see a bride take this concept and make it her own!