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Half a million? Really? September 24, 2009

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I just came across this on CocoPerez and had to post – wedding planner David Tutera has created this frothy, bedazzled concoction that is dripping with platinum, diamonds and pearls. It only costs $500,000. Even on a model it looks ill fitting and gaudy. And it costs half a million dollars. I’ll say it again, really?


I’m Back! June 15, 2009

I know, I know. Like so many other wedding bloggers, a month before the big day I disappeared, lost in an endlessly growing pile of placecards, forms to sign, details to tweak, and minor moments of panic to manage. In the home stretch of our wedding, I kept telling people I felt like a secretary, or maybe air traffic controller would be a better comparison. For those of you still waiting for the big day, be prepared to answer more emails, make more phone calls, and do more busy work that you imagine possible.


But. It was absolutely, completely, so totally worth it. Again, like other wedding bloggers I’m going to tell you that the day went perfectly. Did it, in actual fact? Well we ended up having our ceremony inside rather than out due to overcast skies (I am a Seattle girl, it’s only appropriate). But I think partly because I began this whole process with a go-with-the-flow attitude and also because our venue is just so amazing it worked out better. The whole night was a whirlwind of friends, family, vintage modern decor and details, ice cream, soul band….I could do it over and over again!


However, I’m back from the best honeymoon ever and ready to settle down to enjoying married life and of course, if you know me, a new and growing list of goals. But not before I recap those details that I missed out on sharing with you all the last few weeks! I’ve got lots of DIY projects, tips, and anecdotes to share, not to mention some wedding paraphenalia that can be used again. I’ll be selling my table numbers, dress, ring bearer pillow, and various other items so stay tuned!


In the meantime I’ll leave you with a teaser picture of our reveal from our artistic genius of a photographer, Kitty Maer. I absolutely cannot wait to see the footage she shot from our day, and neither can the rest of our guests – in fact one of my two fabulous Maids of Honor recently compared her to crack. In a good way of course 🙂


Vintage Look for Less March 8, 2009


dress belt buckle earrings shoes veil/fascinator

All of this for only $286.42? I saw this gorgeous chiffon dress with beaded cap sleeves and immediately thought what a statement it would make on a vintage inspired bride. This look would require a somewhat crafty touch, but I think fashioning a belt out of ribbon and an antique belt buckle ($14) and turning bits of rescued tulle, netting, and flowers ($12) into something like this would be so worth the challenge:


“Oh, Swish!” March 27, 2008

If you haven’t already seen this hilarious and in some ways eerily prophetic video posted on YouTube, you should definitely check it out. Narrated by a sassy young man that we people of the future would definitely label metrosexual, the clip shows what different fashion designers of the 1930s predicted our clothes would look like in the year 2000. Some of their guesses are way off (I personally don’t own a climate controlled belt yet) but there is one designer in particular who seems to be oddly in synch with the couture world of today. That model is dressed in a chiffon jumpsuit and reverse heeled shoes, both of which were big looks on the runway this year.


As for the bride of the new millenium, the style is romantic, glamorous, and dramatic….ok really, its just twenty years off. This bride looks straight out of the ’80s but with better hair and an oddly plastic looking veil. And the groom? According to Mr. Saucy Narrator he wears nothing but a “worried look.” I would too if someone told me that in the future I would have to wear this hat.



Classic – Vwidon by Carla & Kenneth March 13, 2008

One of the most successful bouts with trying on dresses that I’ve had so far involved several beautiful gowns by Vwidon. Their dresses have everything you could want for your wedding day: romance, elegance, and couture quality. Even more romantic, the designers are a husband and wife team that met at art school in Chicago (he majored in fine arts, she majored in fashion design).